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Hi I'm Fred Mortensen

I live in the desert & work in Information Systems. I hike, sing & play in the outdoors with family & friends and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to hike. Some of my work assignments and personal travel have taken me overseas and allowed me to hike in places like Thailand, Japan, and Bulgaria. I love this beautiful earth the Lord has given us to share and enjoy. I am not the greatest singer but I do love doing it. I kind-of read music but do better when it is a song I already know. When our children were young we used to do a lot of hiking as a family. As they got older hiking got to be a little boaring for them. We tried a white water rafting trip in Colorado and really had a BLAST. Rivers must be respected because of their inherent danger, but using by choosing the right times and places rivers sure generated some great family canoeing, kayaking, and rafting experiances. As a family we also love playing borad games! My wife wins a lot and frequently the family challange is to see who can (without gainging-up on her) beat Mom. We currently have 1.75 Grand children and are loving the opportunities we have to server our children and those who surround us. I like my work in Information Systems. My greatest joys at work come on the days where I am able to resolve an issue that speeds-up the computer and makes life better for those who depend upon them to get thier jobs done.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother joined he Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saint when she was in High School. This was very difficult for her parents who were raised in a different Christian background. When I was nine years old my parents died in a plane accident and I ended up moving in with my aunt and uncle (also Latter Day Saints). My maternal grandparents loved me very much and told me frequently that if I did not forsake the LDS church I was going to hell. About age 11 this began to concern me greatly and I went to my Uncle and asked him about it. He told me that I was right to want to find out for my self what was true and he encouraged me to read the scriptures for myself and to pray to God in private to find the truth I sought. I must tell you I was not a big reader. I loved sports and reading took away from the time I had to play basketball & football. This difference of faith in my extended family however was a very real concern for me so; I began in Genesis to read through all of the scriptures, a little each day. I also prayed each day that God would help me understand and separate truth from error and give me guidance on how to live my life. I can tell you that as I read through the old and new testament that many times I was brought to tears as the Lord taught me how much he loves each of us and as he shared with me details about how to love and treat my fellow man. This took me couple of years to complete. I then opened the Book of Mormon and began to read and pray for guidance and direction. Over the course of yet another year the Lord again filled my soul with joy unspeakable and taught me how very precious each and every one of us is in his eyes. I knew before I was done reading that the Book of Mormon was in very deed His word. I have strived all of my life to give others the opportunity to read these things for themselves and to pray to know Gods will in their lives.

How I live my faith

One of the things I really like about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the concept of a ward family. A ward of the church is a not only a group of 100 to 200 families or so but it is a relatively small geographical area. My children known and are know by many people, right around them, that have the same values that my wife and I share. Many of the children that my children associate with in our neighborhood are being taught by their parents values that we share and values which know can shield them from a world which knows not the God we love. On weekends several times a year I volunteer my time at a COPE (ropes course) that allows youth to learn by experience values such teamwork, communication and planning. I love to hear young men and women talk about these activities as they complete them, to hear them teach each other values which I hold dear in my own heart. In our ward family I have also been assigned to serve and assist a couple of elderly people and single parents who do not have family that lives close by. I love the opportunities this gives me to provide meaningful service to my fellowman and I especially like how it provides me a powerful way to involve my own children in charitable service. This is truly a priceless gift.