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Hi I'm Angell

I am a mormon.

About Me

I grew up in family of 6, 3 brothers, 2 sisters. My dad taught me early in life how to work hard, be responsible and how to be a people person. Our family might have been considerd fairly affluent until my parents divorced whenn I was 15. From that point on it was kind of tough sledding for my mom. I got a job in a grocery store at age 17 and contined a 48 year career in the food business. My wife and I married, both received degrees (I also received an MBA) and moved to Idaho for 28 years before moving back to Utah. We raised two girls and two boys who have always been fine, talented, successful upstanding people. We have eleven grandchildren. We worked hard and planned as well as we could for our retirement. Been retired four years now and love it (more money would be nice, but we get along okay). I love being with my wife as much as possible. We do everything together, whether it be mowing the lawn, serving others, cleaning the house, washing cars, or whatever. Life is good because we make it that way. Besides our love for our family, we love and cherish hundreds of friends that we mingle and associate with. Our family and friends bless our lives in many ways. We know what is important in live and do not covet what we do not have. We truly have joy in our lives and that makes the hard things much easier.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it just all makes sense and feels good deep in my heart and soul. It makes so much sense knowing we are not on this earth by chance, that there was life before this and we had the opportunity to learn, grow in faith and understanding and know Jesus Christ. In that sphere he and Heavenly Father proposed a plan that would allow us to have a body of flesh and bones and come to earth. We were not forced to do anything, we had the choice, we had agency to do what we wanted. On this earth we know we also have agency to choose good or bad. We learn from scriptures this life is our opportunity to be tested and tried, to find joy and have faith in the good life we can have after we die. Jesus came to earth to fulfil all righteousness, to take upon himself our sins and make it possible for us to be resurected and exalted as he is. Joseph Smith Jr. had the same questions we all have. He wondered which church was right? He wondered why there were so many versions of good and evil? He learned as he was visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that Christ's church was corrupted and truth taken away not long after he ascended to heaven. That required that his gospel be restored, by a prophet of God. It had to be done in a land of freedom of choice and freedom of religion. That could only happen in America, at the time it did. Joseph Smith was chosen, he received the missing priestood and authority to restore Christ's Church on the earth. He was visited and taught by heavenly angels. He was guided to the golden plates that was buried many years before and through divine revelation was able to produce the Book of Mormon; which is the corner stone of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know we can return and life with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ; that through holy temple ordinances we can be married for time and eternity and have our families together after this life. It all feels so good and makes life more meaningful.

How I live my faith

I follow the admonishions given to church members by the living prophet that is the on the earth today. This is Christ's church, the prophet receives inspiration and guidance for the church and holds the keys necessary to help me be successful and happy. The concepts taught by all the prophet and apostles make it easier to have faith in Jesus Christ and live by his teaching. I live by the Word of Wisdom as outlined in modern scripture (the book of Doctrine and Covenants). I read all the scriptures and try to learn from them. I serve in the church help build up all people, especially my family. I try to stay out of debt. I have food storage. I serve my neighbors. I am honest in my dealings with people I associate and work with. I try to keep my thoughts and actions clean and pure. I try to treat everyone with love and respect. I am not perfect. I am trying to get better through living the gospel, praying every day and having faith in Jesus Christ.