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Hi I'm Justin Moody

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a missionary as of right now, but when I come home I'm going into the Air Force Academy to continue my education and joining the Air Force hopefully with a masters in mechanical engineering. I love to participate in just about any sport but my favorites include soccer, volleyball, and bad mitten. I love to build things with my hands, solving difficult problems, and designing. I'm really enjoying my mission, and although it may be challenging at times I'm learning a great deal and I can see the change it's making in my life and in the life of others. I was born into a large family of ten, my mom, dad, and us kids, which consists of my youngest brother, my twin sisters just younger than me, me, my three older sisters, and my older brother and oldest sibling. It was definitely a challenge to grow up with five sisters, and only two brothers, one who was rarely home, but it has make me who I am today and I'm not complaining. I was blessed with two loving parents who deeply cared for us and did their best to provide for our temporal and spiritual needs, and although we may not have reached our parents expectations I know that they still love me and my brothers and sisters. Everyone older than me are now married and living on their own, I'm on a mission in the eastern part of the United States and my twin sisters and youngest brother are at home still deciding what they want to do with themselves. My family is so important to me; I just hope they know how much I love them.

Why I am a Mormon

For a long time I wasn't a Mormon, I may have been born in the church but I merely wore the shirt and tie for my parents satisfaction, and if it wasn't for that small part of me that decided that it was about time that I find out if this Mormon thing was something worth pursuing or just something my family just wanted to believe in. Since I would call myself a man of science, I decided that I may as well do what was required to find out for myself, I started reading the Book of Mormon, if I got some revelation that this book was really holy scripture then that would prove that Joseph was a prophet of God. As I read daily I had a very interesting reaction to the book and the things I gained from it, as I would read I would get this really warm feeling, but what's more is that I used the things I learned the day I learned them, I would develop a question or make an observation and that day I would be like "wow" I can see how that works. As time goes on I could see why living God's words would help me to be more like him, and then the universes puzzle pieces just fell into place, I just knew that it had to be true. That's why I'm a Mormon

How I live my faith

Every day I do my best to be who the Lord wants me to be, right now I have the wonderful opportunity to work in the Lord's vineyard, to teach by the spirit of God the restored gospel to everyone who has ears to hear, and really help others build their faith in our one and only savior and redeemer, even Jesus Christ. When I return home I pray that I can continue to do the same as a home teacher, ward member, and one day as a father. I will stay Firm, undaunted, and obedient to my Lord and savior.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Justin Moody
God is our loving heavenly father and just like any other caring parent he wants us to be safe from danger and physical harm, this is why we are given laws that prohibit the usage of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee, and anything that would otherwise be addictive or damaging to our bodies. Although this is one of God's laws, he gave us the ability to choose for ourselves, just not the choice of consequences to those actions; if we choose to do these things we must pay the price for them, not only will it be damaging to us but it will affect our relationships and our lives significantly. When we choose to partake of these substances we willingly give up our lives to satisfy our own trivial desires, the pursuit of such things will only bring us pain and hard ache, even when we don't understand why God gives us these laws we must always trust in him, for he ALWAYS knows what's best for us. My favorite scripture in the Bible is in Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thy own understanding" We must have faith in the Lord and believe that what he teaches is best for us in all cases. I can bear my testimony that I know that the Lord is my savior and that as long as I put my continual trust in him I will always be blessed for it.(Deuteronomy 30:16) I say these things in the name of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ amen. Show more Show less