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Hi I'm Jennifer.

I'm a wife. I'm a mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up I had a million things I wanted to be; a writer, lawyer, teacher, actress, archaeologist . . .who I was going to be was still undecided. And that was okay. I was young and if I had to go to school over and over again to make all my dreams come true, so be it! But life is funny and I met a man who made me feel all that ridiculous stuff they talk about in movies and songs. I was totally, completely, unabashedly in love. Suddenly all those other things didn't seem so important anymore. I wanted to be a wife. I wanted to be a mom. And now I am. I still want to learn and mature, but now I have an amazing man holding my hand while I do. Some people might think I'm crazy, that I gave up on all my goals to have my son and daughter. They may say, "But, Jen! Those opportunities are once in a lifetime!" Yeah, they are. But so is the chance to raise my kids. And that's a dream I get to live every single day.

Why I am a Mormon

It might seem like I'm a member of the church by default. My grandparents were members, my parents were members and so I was a member. It would be very easy to accuse me of just becoming a Mormon because it was all I knew. But the truth is, my father and his family are not in the church. My brothers both left in their teens and most of my friends growing up were not members either. And if what you know is who you are, then I should be an accomplished musician like the rest of my family. But I'm not. I am me and I chose to be a Mormon. Not to say that I've never had questions. I've had loads. But somehow, as I've gotten older, my heart learns answers. Bit by bit, my faith has taken shape, like a puzzle whose picture becomes more and more precise with each piece. At one point, when I had listened to a friend deride the gospel, I went to the church educational director to ask about what I'd been hearing. He started answering my questions and then stopped and said, "Jennifer, you can't believe in the church in slices. It's not a loaf of bread that you can believe in this part but not another. It all connects and if you need to find that one thing that you utterly believe in to link to all the other parts, then do it. Do it now." And I did. Now whenever I have a question that isn't answered by scripture, prayer or modern revelation, I link the parts back to that one thing that I can never deny to be true. Come what may, I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It might seem like we are a church bent on making life difficult and overstuffed with projects and responsibilities and rules. But it's like wearing glasses. It makes us stand out and it can be frustrating, even embarrassing, and it requires a lot of personal maintenance. But with it, we can see things so much clearer.

How I live my faith

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach the teenagers aged 14 and 15 in our ward about the gospel. There's a line from a film that talks about focusing, not on the Savior's divinity, but on His humanity. I get to teach both. There's something so incredible about getting to spend every Sunday talking about the Savior's life, death and purpose, about His love for us and how we can be closer to Him. They're teenagers and they don't always listen. But that's just a good lesson for me. On days when I start getting frustrated thinking, "C'mon you guys! This is important! Why won't you listen?" I remember that I am not always paying attention to what the Lord would have me do. Sometimes I can be an "unruly youth" myself. But I know that He has patience and it isn't asking too much that I try a little harder. I can always be a gentler mother, a sweeter wife, a more diligent daughter, a more loyal friend, a better prepared teacher and a more devoted daughter of God.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

There is a wonderful book called "The Hiding Place" by a Holocaust survivor, Corrie Ten Boom. She tells about a time when she was very young and she and her father were going on a trip. Corrie thought it would be a good time to ask about some very grown up things. In response, her father asked her to carry their bag off the train. She insisted that she could not, it was too heavy for her. Her father agreed, that yes, it was too heavy for her and it would be a very poor father indeed who asked his child to carry the weight of something she wasn't prepared to handle. Likewise, when we enter the temple and partake in the sacred ordinances there, we must come with the understanding of what it is we are doing. We carry the weight of that sacred responsibility. For someone who is not a member or who is, but is not properly prepared, our loving Heavenly Father knows that that person, as wonderful as they may be, is not ready to bear such a load. He would love to have all His children experience the blessings of the temple, but they must be ready. Show more Show less