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Hi I'm Rob

I'm a pretty normal guy. I love sports, my family and I have as much fun as possible, as often as possible. And I am mormon!

About Me

I really enjoy my life! I know that sounds corny, but I really do have a good time for the most part. I have a good job as an environmental engineer and own another business on the side called Epic Relays. I play basketball almost everyday and eat junk food everyday. I came to Colorado on a basketball scholarship from Texas and decided never to leave. My wife and I love the state's ruggedness and we have met some pretty incredible people during our tenure here. I'm not much different than most guys (maybe unfortunately), I love sports, both playing them and watching them, I like to hunt and fish (though rarely do either), I like to work in the yard, I drive a truck (and a honda), I appreciate dumb things and love to laugh about them, I have less time then as needed in the day, never get enough sleep, work too hard and never get anything done, I tease my kids and my wife, I like all kinds of music, even country, I will dance when no one is around, I sing terribly, but I do it anyway, I have crazy people in my extended family, I can eat sweets all day long, I like meat on my meat with ketchup and I'm head over heals about my wife (I really am).

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the LDS church when I was almost 17 years old. I had friends in high school that introduced me to the church. I'll be honest and say I didn't know everything about mormons at that time and I didn't know completely what I was getting myself into. But what I realized then still hasn't changed today and "Why I'm a Mormon;" When I follow the gospel principle outlined by the LDS Church, I feel meaningful and happy. It really is that simple for me. Everything that I have been taught in the church and applied to my life has brought significant peace and made me a better person. The mormon church gives me great perspective on life and helps me to understand who I really am, that I mean something to my Heavenly Father and that I am an important piece to his plan. I don't have awe inspiring moments all the time with spiritual things, but I have had some that I can not deny. I know there is a God and he love me beyond my flaws and I love Him. I know that forgiveness is available through Jesus Christ because I have experience this sweet mercy. Through the teachings of modern prophets like Joseph Smith and Thomas Monson I have a better understand of who God is, why I need Him and Jesus Christ in my life, how I should act in this life and why, how my family can be together forever and why I am here. At 17 years old I didn't completely understand the answers to all of these questions, I was mostly impressed by the Spirit that I shoud join the Mormon chruch, but I am incredibly grateful for that choice, because now I have such an understanding now of the purpose of life.

How I live my faith

I am a youth leader in the LDS church. I feel like I fit in here due to my simple look at life. I look forward to meeting with them once or twice a week to get a glimse of what is happening in young people lives. They seem so much more prepared for "life" then when I was a teenager. I'm happy they allow me to hang out with them! We often plan activities, then often don't work out like we think they will, then we do something that ends up being just as fun. We laugh, tease, tackle, break things and try to be serious all at the same time. If the Bishop reads this I probably won't work with them any more. :) We really have a great time. They are incredible young men who work hard to do what is right in the light of some many temptations. They should really be respected for their dilligence to do good. I am grateful to have the opportunity to seem them do this.