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Hi I'm Jan

I'm a Mormon. And that is since I am 18. I finally found a religion that answered those questions that had haunted me.

About Me

I am 70 years old and love my life. I am a mom with 4 children and a grandma with 6 precious beings. I raised my children alone but after 30 years of being single, I found a sweet LDS guy who wanted to spend the rest of his life and eternity with me. I am an actress, a musician, and a hair stylist. I especially love to do musical comedies and have been fortunate enough to play the greatest female roles written. (ex. Dolly, Mama Rose, Bloody Mary, etc.) As a musician I have been the choir director in my ward and I love doing that and of course, I sing and play piano. As a hair stylist I have enjoyed my work and the lovely ladies that trust me with their hair. Yes, I am still working. I married one year ago and I know we found each other through prayer. I know that by the way we met.-----Things were very difficult after my divorce but because I knew Heavenly Father was with me all the way, I made it. Sometimes he walked with me and sometimes he carried me.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was 18. I was bothered by many things that my religion believed and so I made an appointment with my cousin who was a priest to help me understand these things. For example, if children are not baptised and die, they go to Limbo?; Why are children born in the world in sin?; Why can we light candles and pray that someone not to go to purgatory?; And how can Jesus and his father be one person? Anyway, these were a few of the questions that bothered me. My cousin wasn't able to answer these for me so I made it my goal to look for a religion that could. I carried my questions around with me and attended several churches. And I got," These are the mysteries of God", and "We aren't suppose to understand everything, we are suppose to live by faith." I believed in my heart that we were given the bible to understand these things so I kept searching until I met a very wonderful family. I was drawn to them especially by the way the husband treated and spoke to his children and wife. I could see that they had something different. I was invited to join them for dinner and Family Home Evening. This was the perfect time to ask my questions and the answers that were given made my heart swell and the tears fall. The bible is for us and it is to answer our questions. Then I learned about the Book of Mormon and I so believed it was another testiment of Christ and a history book about people on this continent. It is soooo true and it answers our questions and solves our problems about our lives now. By that I mean, it tells a man how to treat his family, it tells a family how to raise the children, it lets us know how to treat others and how to live good lives. I couldn't deny anything. They got me.

How I live my faith

I especially like how the Mormons look after each other. We are truly our brothers' keeper. As a woman I am assigned to visit three to five women every month. You learn to care for these women and I find that they open up to me so I can help them when they need it. I treasure those relationships. I try to stay close to the Lord through prayer. I have had many jobs in the church but my favorite is as the choir director. I make it no secret that I am a Mormon so my behaviour and language is on display all of the time. We are not Mormons just on Sunday but 24/7 and although I am far from perfect, I am so proud to tell people that I am a Mormon.