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Hi I'm Jenny

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well, what can I say... I am pretty dang fantastic! lol.. Just kidding. It is kind of awkward to write about myself and I surely hope spell check is automatic, otherwise the first thing you'll learn about me is that a 5th grader could probably spell better than me. :) I am married to a great husband. We've been married for just over two years. Umm... my hobbies and interests - I love to swim but honestly haven't gotten in a pool for way too long. I grew up swimming, mainly butterfly and free-style, and I miss the competition of it all. The swim team I was on was such a positive experience for me - competition in a motivating and challenging way and of course gliding through the water was what I figured the closest thing to flying I'd ever feel. Loved it! My husband and I love anything outdoors really - hiking in the mountains especially. Right now my husband and I have a garden on our balcony and it is our baby... growing corn and cucumbers - we get silly excited when we see new growth so our lives are pretty 'retirement community-like.' But we love it. For a few years growing up I lived in Saudi Arabia with an older sister and my parents. I was a young teenager and the experiences there definitely shaped who I am today and how I view the world around me. Some of my fondest and most tender memories are from that time in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because... simply put, I wanted to know if the gospel teachings were really true so I prayed about it knowing my Father in Heaven would tell me and I received an overwhelming confidence that it is. I was about 13 years old and wanted to know for myself, independent from everyone else's beliefs. I've always wanted to stand firm on my own two feet and not rely so much on anyone else. I felt like even at 13 years old I had a good relationship with Heavenly Father - I prayed often and felt close to Him. I knew I could trust in Him and He was there for me. I knew the things I was taught in church and the standards kept by my parents were good but I had never really prayed to know if it was true - Christ's church restored again. I knew that Heavenly Father and Christ are not disorganized or confusing; that the truth would be simple - in other words, that there would be only one true church on earth and not many. My simple prayer was answered and my testimony continues to grow as I am taught new depth or perspective of the gospel principles, or are reminded of simple truths. I love the Gospel. Life is not exactly easy - for me, at least - but my relationship with my loving Father and my Savior provide me with what I need. Sometimes that's instruction and guidance, sometimes that's being humbled through trials and sometimes it's an abundance of love when I'm down or discouraged. No matter what it is, when I ask, I receive - and sometimes I don't even need to ask, which is a total bonus. I know They are a constant - I can rely on Them and They love me no matter what....no matter what.

How I live my faith

How I live my faith... oh the only word that comes to mind is hypocrite. That sounds horribly negative but I don't mean it that way. I just know the things I should be doing, and although saying what I 'should' be doing and actually doing them are sometimes very distant from each other, I have great hope - hope in today and hope in tomorrow. I know I'm trying my best. I know I fall short and that sometimes frustrates me and discourages me - which is, I'm sure, what Satan wants - I know that trying truly means a great deal. Little by little makes a difference and as long as I'm headed in the right direction, I'm good with that. I try to be available - available to help anyone anywhere with anything I can. My husband and I love to serve and volunteer so we participate in work groups that visit schools for children with learning disabilities, clean-up programs for the environment, etc. In church it's the same - we try to help with teaching a class when someone is needed or help watch the children in Nursery - whatever is needed.