zach: student, athlete, bugler, mentor, boyscout, scuba certified, Mormon.

Hi I'm zach

About Me

hey im zach i like to ske hang out with friends i like being outside more than inside im a pretty active person ine of my favorit things to do i run cross contry or sprints but samething else you probobly dont know about me is i love servace just helping other people i have great leaders to help guide our quorm but anyway if youd like to get to know me dont be shy

Why I am a Mormon

im a mormon because at first when i was little my dad whent to church so i just followed him then me and my family whent inactive for a while until my quorm presiden and one of his couslers came over and gave me a strength of youth pamflet well when my dad got home our conversation whent somthing like this we gotta go to church this sunday my dad said ok he questioned why and i gave him the storie no i dont get forced or follow my dad to curch i wsnt to go cause i believe and i love our heavenly father and his only begotten son

How I live my faith

i live my faith doing servace whenever its avalible and im almost always avalible i love scouts and i love my breathren theyre the best i couldnt ask for mor so im gonna say i live my faith with a big heart and atending everything i can