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Hi I'm Marilyn

I'm a Mormon. I'm a wife, mother, dental hygienist, master gardener and seamstress. Mormons are regular people, like me.

About Me

As a child our family moved around a ton! I made friends easily and had a happy childhood. My parents were great and we had a good family. I married in the temple, got divorced, went back to college at age 32, then got remarried at age 38, added 4 step children then continued school for another 3 years in dental hygiene program. Whew, THAT was hard! Somehow I managed with the help of Heavenly Father. That is the ONLY way I managed! Now that all the kids are older, I'm starting in on grandparenting. I love to work in the garden and decorate my yard with rusty old junk. My garden is my happy place. I learn so many spiritual things about life by working in the soil, pulling weeds, planting, pruning, and growing plants. I love to can beans and lots of fruit and tomatoes. I also love sewing. I make all kinds of dresses for the little girls in my life and fix other peoples clothes. It's my other favorite hobby. I have been an active member of the church all my life and I'm so glad for that. Recently I've been working on the Spokane Temple grounds as the Landscape Director. It's great - I get to be a gardener in that corner of the Lord's vineyard.

Why I am a Mormon

I definately choose to be a mormon. Life is hard enough to figure out on your own. Having the church teachings and a Prophet to help guide us is so helpful. I would be doing way stupid stuff if I didn't have the church in my life. I mean I have done stupit stuff, but always figured things out because I had the church as a guide. It's teachings are meant to help us get through this life and be happy. I'm not the most spiritual person by far, but I always know where to turn if I need help. I love the Ensign magazine too. The articles bring me strength and courage to keep going. Being a mormon is easy because everything is done in order. I love the organization of the church. I love that we find happiness in serving. I love that mormons are so willing to help others. Really, it's what Jesus would do. If we follow his example, it's so uncomplicated. There is way less drama in life because I just try to do what's right, be honest, obey the laws, and do what Jesus would do. I know He will help me with any problem. I especially love that we have the restored gospel. My husband can trace his priesthood lineage all the way back to Joseph Smith, Peter James and John, and then Jesus Christ! How many other religions can do that? That's what makes our church unique and different from others. The other thing I like about being a mormon is that each and every individual person is important. I am important. I matter. Jesus Christ knows me and I know Him. I have felt the undeniable feelings of truth come over me when I hear or read something that is true. That's how I know our church is true - it's the feeling I get. It's quiet, reassuring, and profound. It's an unmistakable feeling I've experienced many many times.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by helping others. That's what really makes me happy. I don't so much like to be in the spot light of a teacher or president of this or that, but just doing things behind the scenes like helping someone in need. I like the feeling I get from helping someone who really needs help. My favorite church class was when I was a teacher of the 14 year olds. It's such an impressionable age. I was able to teach them about the old testament stories. I learned so much from teaching them. When I was younger, I enjoyed teaching homemaking skills to other women. It was just fun getting together and gabbing about kids and life. When other women out there are trying to make it in the corporate world or working to have more things, I have become more thankful for teachings our church emphasizes like being self reliant. The homemaking skills like cooking and sewing and gardening are so valuable! It's such basic stuff, but so important, but one doesn't need these skills to be a good latter-day saint or to get into heaven as they say. I just like to teach others these things to become more self-sufficient. One thing I really love is people from other countries. I love people from Russia especially. I think they are very sincere. I always try to help them. I think people from all countries should be allowed to come to America if they want. I appreciate our freedom so much and all those who have gone before me to get and maintain that freedom!

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Mormons believe in Jesus Christ very much! He is the literal (spiritual) Son of God and literal (earthly) son of Mary. He lead His life in such a way for us to pattern our lives after. We believe Jesus Christ created this earth (John 1:10; Hebrews 1:2) and gave us the opportunity to live here. That means we believe He created us. As the God of this world, we rely on Him to help us in everything we do. We pray to God, the Father, through Jesus Christ our mediator. He gives us the tools we need to return to him such as baptism by the proper authority, repentance and faithful living. We also believe that Jesus Christ suffered in the garden of Gethsemane then was crucified on the cross. We call that sacred moment in time the Atonement - the act that saved us from our sins, but only if we follow him. Because of this gracious act of selflessness, we belive we can be forgiven of our wrong doings. After His 3 days in the tomb, he was resurrected. That means his mortal body and his immortal spirit came back together. We believe we can also be resurrected just like Jesus Christ. This is his gift of life to us. When this earthly life is over, we believe we can have the chance to live with Jesus Christ again. I look forward to this with a glad heart. I'm so thankful for all He did for me. I try to live my life so He'll be proud of me. Show more Show less