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Hi I'm Myriah

I'm a Mormon. " I once was lost, but now am found."

About Me

I'm 20 years old, I enjoy spending time with my family and loved ones! I'm the 2nd oldest of 6 girls and 1 adorible baby boy!! I love camping, fishing, hiking, playing sports and laying under the night sky and looking at the stars. I love singing, and playing piano - I write music in my spare time. I love inspirational quotes and analogies that apply to life. I love learning new things and am interested in continuing to improve myself in all aspects of my life to prepare for a better future. My greatest fear is not amounting to all that My Heavenly Father would want me to be. My greatest desire is to come to know who I truly am as a daughter of God and then to begin the exciting adventure of a " Happily Ever After " With the man I am meant to be with for time and all eternity. I want to make a successful journey back with him and be with my family forever.

Why I am a Mormon

I've always been a member of the Church. Growing up I attended Seminary, Mutual Activities, and Church meetings on Sundays. When I moved out at the age of 18 I thought I knew everything... and one thing I decided I didnt need was the gosple in mylife. To me, it seemed to controlling, constricting and I didnt understand why there were so many rules. I was the kidn of girl that had to learn through the hardships of life. For almost 2 years I didnt attend church. Certain events in my family had taken place in my life that made me question if there was a true and living God. Because of my choices, one day I realized looking in the mirror I didn't even recognize who I was anymore. What had I done? I wanted change but didnt even know where to begin. Weeks following this event, I began meeting with the Missionaries over the singles branch to get the basics established back in my life. So many times questions I had for years were able to be answered through the Elders and the Spirit. Heavenly Father's hand was working miracles all along the way. I've gained a Testimony of Prayer and the ability we have to communicate with our Father in Heaven. I've gaind a Testimony of Prophets and Modern day revelation and the blessings we recieve when following the Commandments and Guidance that is given. I've gained a Testimony of Joseph Smith and the great courage he took in restoring the gosple. I've gained a Testimony of Missionary work and the strength it brings to our own personal lives and the lives of others. I've gained a Testimony of Faith and the importance of compeltely surrenduring our own will to the will of our Fathers and also of the blessings we recieve in doing so. I've gained a testimony of the power of Repentance and the vital role the Atonement plays in our complete cleansing and change of heart. I've come to know and develop a personal relationship with My savior and know for certain that if it were not for the Gospel and Missionaries I wouldnt be where I am today.

How I live my faith

The biggest way I can live my Faith is through Missionary Work. As members we interact with people outside of church who have questions and struggles just as we do. It is our responsibility to share what we know and to do so with a spirit of enthusiasim! What an amazing blessing to have the ability to recieve answers to prayer! To know what we know and read scriptures and recieve guidance for what we should be doing in our lives! We know and understand where we came from, why we are here and where we are going after this life. We also have the blessing and knowledge of the Temple and priesthood that enables us to be with our Families and loved ones beyond death. I tell as many people as I possibly can about my experience and the happiness I've felt and recognize in my life from the gosple. I think it's important to get to know missionaries and help them find people who are interested in coming to know their Savior Jesus Christ and become able to recieve the blessings so many of us take for granted. I find great joy in reaching out to others because I know what it's like to feel alone. Also, I do the my best at following the spirit. Even when it seems out of the ordinary, or absolutely crazy, I cant resist obeying! I've had to many experiences pass me by that I didnt act on what I was prompted to do. I wont allow myself to continue to allow them to pass. So many individuals are lost and wandering in unbelieve or misunderstanding. I feel it is my responsibility to try and touch lives weather it be through bearing Testimony or sharing a smile as I walk by. I believe that we must walk what we teach and reflect examples of Christ. We are not a perfect people but we can do our best to become the best we can be. We must raise the bar for ourselves and continue to strive to be better! Each day is a new day. It's a chance to make a difference in someone's life now it's just a matter of finding out how. =] Missionaries taught me to pray specifically and trust me... it works!