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Hi I'm Grant

I grew up in an LDS home and raised my 6 children in one. We love being Mormons and being a forever family.

About Me

I am a son, brother, husband and father. I grew up in an LDS home with 4 sisters. I was born in the Los Angeles area and enjoyed having so much to do. I loved the beach and my friends. After high school I moved to Central California and went on a mission for the church. I learned Spanish, but haven’t kept my fluency over the years. I graduated from BYU and returned to California. I married a wonderful young woman and began our family. We had a beautiful daughter, and then a son and then another daughter. We followed that up with 3 more daughters. Since I had no brothers I guess it was only fair that my son experience the same situation. Of course, he is that apple of all their eyes. I have always enjoyed working and being my own boss. It has allowed me to spend time with my family and to be active in my religion. I enjoy many sports and play tennis with my wife. I enjoy golf and watching my grandkids’ soccer and baseball games. My wife and I are both certified scuba divers and I also enjoyed skydiving and have over 40 jumps to my credit. I am a little older now and more of my activities are centered on watching others enjoy the sports I used to be active in. All in all, life is wonderful and enjoyable.

Why I am a Mormon

Having grown up in an LDS home, my religion was always part of my life. My parents tried to instill in me the values that would help me to live a life filled with happiness. It didn’t always work, but it usually did. I continued to participate in the activities and attend church each week as I grew. When I approached the age to consider serving as a full-time missionary, I struggled to determine myself if that was what I wanted to do. Of course, my parent had always had that as a goal for me, but as I grew older I knew it must be my own decision. At the time I was living at my sister’s home. They have since told me that living with me for the few months prior to making my decision to serve a mission were some of the most difficult they could remember. I guess I was pretty stressed out about it and it came out in ways they want to forget. I later came to understand that serving that mission was the best thing I could have done with my life at that time. It taught me so much about other people and their wants and desires and aspirations; their worries and troubles and life’s complications. Spending all my time each day trying to help others was a great university. One of the greatest added benefits was that I was forced to recognize and enrich my personal testimony of the Savior and his Gospel. I found that I couldn’t profess my belief to others without being sure that it was really part of my life. That experience helped me to know that the Savior loves me and that I can go to him with anything in my life and He will listen and give me direction. As I grew older and began to raise my own family, I found I remembered my own childhood and teen years and tried to help my children with their decisions in a way that would give them comfort and teach them to know where answers to questions can be found. Like all of us, they struggle on a daily basis with their decisions, but I hope they have the foundation that supports them.

How I live my faith

I have found that when I am trying to keep the rules for living that have been set out by our Savior, my life always seems to be much more satisfying. Whenever I find myself inching away from those ideals is when I notice bumpy times in my life. I have served in many callings in the Church and each one has given me opportunities to grow and learn. I have taught classes of youth and adults, served as a clerk with the church records, and had to lead others with administrative callings. Each new calling has allowed me to learn about people and how to be a greater servant in the world. I have learned that as I serve I not only receive personal satisfaction but knowledge that the Lord's appreciates that service In our community I have tried to be active in my children's schools. With 6 kids there always seemed to be another way to get involved. I served for 12 years as the president of the academic foundation at the high school my kids attended, raising funds to help with many of their extracurricular academic programs. My current calling in the church is to help keep track of the all the advancement records of our Boy Scout troop. At first I thought this would be a “rest” calling, less stressful than some others. I have since found that it is very involved. All our scouts are busy in their Boy Scout advancement, and someone needs to be sure nothing gets lost along the way. But I also found that it wasn’t stressful, simply enjoyable and fulfilling. I can see the appreciation on the faces of parents as they show how proud they are of their young men when they achieve their goals and learn to better citizens. In our home and family, we strive to teach Christ’s gospel principles to our kids. Watching them learn some of the lessons of life without having to suffer through some of the bumps we did is gratifying to us as parents. My faith is the most important aspect of my life and I love knowing the Lord is pleased when I share it.