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Hi I'm Frances

I'm an avid dancer, actor, and photographer. I'm a huge movie nerd too. Oh yea, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

I'm a straight A high school student living in Colorado and I love to dance. I do hip hop, ballet, modern/lyrical, jazz, and tap. I also really love to act. I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz recently and I'm currently playing a character named Ivy in a series of one acts called Shrinking Violets and Towering Tigerlilies. I also really love fashion and I enjoy dressing well everyday. Its kind of a hobby for me. I also really love big cities; especially New York City where my sister lives. I have no idea what I'm going to study in college not because I have no idea but because I have too many. My hobbies include archery, ultimate frisbee, photography, and watching movies. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan and I'm super psyched for the new hobbit movie to come out. Right now my favorite movies include, The Artist, Winnie the Pooh,and My Neighbor Toturo. I love quoting movies with my friends and being quirky (with Zooey Deschanel - snl reference). My friends like to make fun of me for my obsession with Asian culture. I love the people, the place, the clothes, the music, the lifestlyle, everything. Basically, the farther east you go on the map, the more I love it. But most of all, I'm just a huge nerd. I'm the kid who sits in chemistry class with my jaw dropped because I think studying gas laws is amazing and who goes in after school to watch an extra credit movie in AP human geo even though I already have an A in the class.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I don't know what I would do if I wasn't. The gospel is so much a part of who I am that I do not think I would be able to enjoy all the things that I enjoy today if it weren't for my faith in Christ. I unfortunately do not have any amazing conversion story seeing as I was raised in the gospel but I certainly do have a testimony of Christ's doctrines. I have an especially strong testimony of Christ's atonement because He has manifested its power to me in my life. The beauty of his atonement is not just that it allows us to repent of our sins but it allows us to be "at one" with Christ. Because he performed the atonement, he knows exactly how we feel at any given time in our life because he's been there. He knows how to help us through our trials and how to comfort us. He's the best friend that anyone could ever have. And he really is my best friend because he gives me strength in my moments of weakness. He helps me believe in myself when I'm feeling unsure and helps me to be better than I ever could be on my own. I know that he lives and that he is the Son of the Living God. I know that he loves every last one of us and he has prepared the way for us to return to live with him and our Heavenly Father. And I really want to return to live with him because I know that that is what is going to make me happy and nothing can take the place of that. The feeling I get when I learn of Christ and obey his words doesn't come from any other source. No artificial happiness can replace that burning in my heart that comes when I recieve revelation from my Heavenly Father and I know that what he has told me is true. I'm a mormon because I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and they are the only ones who can give me eternal happiness.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith in everything that I do. I know I'm an imperfect person but everyday I try to do a little bit better. Right now I don't have a calling in the church but I did serve as the president of my Young Women's class when I was 13 and then again when I was 15 and I really enjoyed it. But even without a calling I can contribute to the well-being of those around me and my own personal progression. For instance, I always try to live my life as an example to others; especially the little girls that I babysit down the street. I always ponder about how I can be the best of help to them as they grow and learn. I try to make sure that they always know how much God loves them by showing them how much I love them. I know that raising children is such a delicate process and that if I'm not careful, I could really mess these kids up. But on the other hand, if I try my very hardest and keep Christ in mind, I have the ability to affect their lives for the better. I also try to live my faith by attending early morning seminary everyday at 6 am. Its really hard because usually that means I only get 5 hours of sleep each night but to me, it's worth it. I know that that's where Heavenly Father wants me to be so that I can have the spiritual strength I need to get through the day. And that's that other way I live my faith, I try to listen to His spirit to tell me what I should do or say to lift someone or make their day. I'm sure my family can attest to how bad I am at this but I really do try. I try to replenish people and make them feel happy because that is how God wants us to feel. I think the little things like a smile in the hallway or a nice note are important and show our faith in God.