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Hi I'm Erin

I'm a Mormon. I'm a mom of three boys. I am a taxi driver, nurse, cook, maid, teacher and wanna-be runner.

About Me

I grew up in California. I left to go to school in Idaho and then Utah. I studied secondary education at BYU and met my husband while finishing up my teaching degree. We moved to Arizona just after his graduation and I began teaching English at a junior high. Two years into teaching I had my first baby and made the decision to stay home instead of returning to work. I have traveled to the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and to 26 of the 50 states in our country. I enjoy music, movies, reading and spending time with my friends and family. I have a bit of a crush on Matt Damon and have seen all his movies, except or the rated R ones, unless they were edited for television. I trained for and ran my first race with 11 other friends this past February in the Ragnar Del Sol, a 200 mile, 36 hour team relay that takes place every year here in Arizona. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, my favorites are pretzel M&Ms and homemade meringues. I love to go camping with my husband and three sons and recently learned how to fly fish.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that I am a child of God. I know that my Heavely Father knows me by name and watches over me as I progress through this life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers me a look at my past, my present and my future; it gives me the knowledge that I lived before coming to earth and that mortal death will not be the end of who I am or what I can become. I look at the examples around me: my grandparents and parents, my children, friends, family members, other members of the Church, the prophet and other Church leaders and recognize that they all want me to do and be my best. I take something good from each one of their examples. There is a quiet peace and sense of calm when I follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am far from perfect, but every day is an opportunity for me to get one step closer to Him. The world provides a number of false hopes, promising self-fullfilment and a sense of belonging, only to come up short and leaving one unfulfilled and empty. The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses my life every day. I was born into this Church and have made the decision to stay a member not because I was forced to, but because I know what my life would be like without it. I see the light in my children's eyes as they learn to love and serve those around them. I feel the warmth of the Spirit as I watch my husband use the Priesthood, the special power that has been entrusted to him, to bless the lives of our family. I cherish the relationship I have with my husband and know that if we are faithful to the promises we made when we were selaed in the temple as husband and wife, that I can spend the rest of eternity with my very best friend. When I look at my life, really look at it, I see the blessings that have come from following the only perfect example who ever walked upon the earth, that of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I know the best way to live my faith is through my example. I am currently in charge of approximately 120 children in my ward, ranging from ages 18 months to 11 years old. I feel a great responsibility in teaching these humble and loving children through the example I set. I know they are listening to what I say, how I treat others, etc. I saw a poster once that posed the question, "How do you live your life when no one is watching?" I would never want anyone to think that my religion is something I practice only on Sundays, in church with people watching me. My Heavenly Father and older brother, Jesus Christ, are always there and I don't do what I do because I fear what the consequences will be if I don't or because I feel a sense of obligation or duty, but because I love them and want my actions to show them so. I would hope that anyone watching me would see that my faith is a part of who I am, that without it, I would be a different person. I have a soft spot for children because I see such potential in them. They love without reservation, are quick to forgive and are so willing to obey without any thought of reward. As I work in my calling and come into contact with these children on a weekly basis, I have come to see them as our Father in Heaven sees them and have suddenly understood why He has asked us to be like them. I know the reason I was given this special calling was not so I could be an example to them, but so they could be an example to me.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Women hold a divine and sacred role in the Church. They are co-creators with God in providing a mortal body for divine spirits. Women are blessed with specific abilities, gifts from their Creator: compassion, selflessness, unconditional love, patience, service, etc. These special abilities are given to women because they are necessary for the role they play in Heavenly Father's plan. In "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" it states, "Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children." This sacred responsibility to care for Heavenly Father's children is not a women's sole responsibility, her husband is equally responsible. However, men are born with other gifts to help aid them in their sacred duties. The Priesthood power held by the men in the church is not a controlling or dominating power, it is the power to act in the name of God and with that responsibility comes the expectation that the men in the Church treat others as God would treat them. Women lead in the church by being teachers, mothers and leaders of auxillaries: children 18 months to 11 years, young women from 12 to 17 years and women ages 18 and older. They prayerfully lead those in their respective auxillaries and try their best to lead the way the Savior leads. Show more Show less