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Hi I'm Lacey Hasler

I am a modern day DaVinci, a Renaissance woman, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I’m a singer, songwriter, beautician, magician, seamstress, photographer, teacher, poet, thespian, prose reader, dancer, baker, chef, social worker, guidance counselor, and nurse, all in a day’s work as a mom. That’s mom with a lower case “m” and that's why I call myself a "DaVinci." I’ll likely never have my name in lights on a billboard in Times Square, or on the marquee of Broadway, or even the title of “Manager” for that matter, because I have chosen to be C.E.O. at home. C.E.O in my book means, “Chick Educated Otherwise”. Sure, I hold a traditional degree, and could be willfully employed, but the education I gain dedicating my life to the nurturing of our children has given me the blessed opportunity to become proficient as a Renaissance woman. The work I accomplish in my home is of eternal significance and cannot be pawned off to another. We learn from the Savior as he teaches his disciples in response to their question, “Who is the greatest among us (referring to his preference among the twelve)?” that “Whosoever shall receive a child in my name receiveth me….for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.” (Luke 9:46-48) I find great comfort in knowing, after having received three children into our home, and plans for many more, that I will fall into the category of “greatest” in His book; that means more to me than having my name in lights for a Theatrical season (although we do have plans for a stage and marquee in our play room upstairs).

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because living without the truth and guidance it provides would be living below my priveledges as a person. Acquiring things that matter most and last the longest, is my top priority, and most definitely, these are not tangible items. The Mormon Church offers marriage in the House of the Lord, the temple, to two worthy individuals who are commited first, to God, and then, each other for "Time and all Eternity." I am happy to have the assurance that marriage and famiily life can continue past the grave because I am sealed by proper authority to my awesome husband, in The House of the Lord. When you ponder what brings true joy to you in your personal life, aren't your first thoughts about family? What would life be like without them? I'd hate to have to imagine. The ordinances and covenants of the temple bind you to each other as long as each individual is continuously working for what I call, a real life fairy-tale ending, Eternal marriage. Improving your relationship with your spouse, kindling a friendship, spending time teaching a child the truths of eternity; these are the prize worth winning. The Mormon church is a very effective tool in my hands to accomplish this goal. It emphasizes and provides scaffolding to support the family in our confused modern day. In no other religion is there such an emphasis on the eternal nature of the family unit and a completly defined outline for the Father's plan of happiness for His children. I am likewise impressed how the church defines with such clarity, the definitive roles of individuals within a family. I have come to know personally, that a woman can have more power and influence over the lives of others within her sphere of influence, if she will dedicate herself whole-heartedly to rearing her family in righteousness and truth. As she does this, her intellect will expand, her abilities and capabilities enlarged, and contentment and peace shall rest upon her household.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by choosing to continue to have children even when most are happy with two these days. This act alone shows my confidence and assurance in the doctrine of eternal families. The promises made to Abraham, by God, are likewise available to us. (Genesis 17:1-8) It is quite clear when you see me with all three kids clamboring on or around my shopping cart, as I'm driving down the produce isle of our local grocery store, that there is something obviously different about me. I'm a YOUNG mom who has three kids under five. If I could wear a sign out in public, it would say, "This is what Mormon's believe." My life is evidence that we value the human experience and believe that children are "an heritage of the Lord". (Psalms 127:3) Because my husband and I laid the foundation of our family by being sealed in the temple and have the hope of eternal marriage after our earth life is through, I am assured that our lives as mother and father will be successful as we willingly receive children into our home. As we continue to uphold our covenants and obligations with which we initially began, I feel confident that our family can be protected from the heartache associated with death or divorce. I've been told, "Oh, so you were born into the chuch...that's why you are Mormon." The answer is "No." I do realize the priviledge it was to have had this gospel fed to me on a silver spoon from birth, but that's not the reason I practice this religion. I have, over the years, observed different modes of religious and irreligious practice from individuals around me. I am a results and evidence-oriented person, and the Mormon church produces the best results and produces the most compelling evidence for my continued discipleship of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Look around you, we are all trying to secure happiness for ourselves through various attempts. If churches were like cuts of beef, this would be the Filet Mignon!