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Hi I'm Julie

I've been married for three years, we don't have any children, yet. and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Wife, and Mother, But i do not have any living children, I Have Three children in Heaven. My Hobbies are Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Gaming, Watching movies and Playing Video games. I have Bi-polar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, OCD, ADD, and Clinical Depression. I have had many struggles, but i am able to overcome them with help from my friends, family, and Heavenly Father. I am a Bus Monitor for Council Bluffs Ia. School District. I LOVE my job. i assist special needs children on and off the bus, as well as during the ride. we Color, Sing songs. read and play during our tides to school. i also take care of "boo boo's" and other issues the children have. My Job is truly amazing, and rewarding, just seeing my students smile makes my day. i have grown to know and love each and every one of the children i see everyday, they are all different and special in their own way. just as we are to our parents, and to our heavenly father.

Why I am a Mormon

I Continue to be a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints NOT because i was raised to be, or because my parents told me to, it was because i decided to find out for myself, My parents NEVER pressured me into anything i did not have to go to anything i didn't want to b/c god lets us choose and my parents raised me by his example. when i was in high school i did what Joseph smith did. None of my friends in school were Mormons, and they would talk about how i'm not a christian and how great their churches were... so i decided to check it out. whenever i went to another church, they ALWAYS had something missing. something that i knew was true. none of them knew what i did, that i AM a daughter of God and he Loves me, but not only that, but that ALL of us can be with him. people assume if you are bad then you go to hell. but if god loved us he wouldn't send his children to hell for being in the wrong church... all the other churches i went to said if i didn't join them i would go to hell and also they didn't know that families are forever and you do not lose your family or spouse after death. not only that but i was shocked to find out that they PAID people to do the things that we in our church do for free, as a service b/c we love each other. I felt so sad for them because they did not know how much God loves them, God loves us SO much that even if you don't believe in him, even if you are an atheist, or a murderer, someone who had an abortion, or whatever other kind of person most "christian's" would condemn, you won't get sent to hell. why because GOD loves ALL of his children! no matter what, just like ALL Parents should love their Children NO MATTER WHAT! it is amazing to know that I will be with my husband and my children in heaven. and good to know that even if my friends don't believe, that they will not be condemned to hell b/c of Jesus Christ. Families are Forever and this is why i am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I HAVE served my ward Many ways, I have been a teacher, a Secretary, and a Youth Camp Leader. I serve my ward Currently as a Chorister. I also assist my friends and family. Part of being a member is to live like Christ would, so I try my best to serve my family and friends. I have helped put siding on a house, i have helped build a deck for a handicapped person, i have moved MANY people, painted homes... and my family currently assists in washing clothes for our ward missionaries as well as providing them with a place to eat if they do not have one.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No they are not Required. Many people do not serve missions. Men at the age of 18 to 28 may go to serve a mission if they so desire to. Women may also serve a mission if they choose to. also Older Couples may also serve one. My Father has been a member his entire life and did not go on a mission, he had to save his own money to go, but instead used that money to help out his ill mother. my brother however, has decided to go on a mission, no one has forced him to or told him to, and my husband also did not serve a mission. missionaries do not get paid while on their mission and they do not get to see their families. I have a LOT of respect for missionaries because they literally Leave EVERYTHING in their lives to serve our Heavenly Father. not only that but they get a great deal of persecution from others. if you had something AMAZING you would want to tell your friends and family, maybe the world about it, so why wouldn't we? We Do Have something AMAZING and it is definitely worth checking out! Show more Show less