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Hi I'm Mike

I love Arizona, sometimes grow gnarly beards, am loyal to my fav teams & have a passion for environmental issues. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've lived in the Sonoran desert of Arizona since very young. Years ago, I found an awesome lady to make my sweet wife, and am now and father of 2 awesome kids too. Majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish, I graduated from the best university in Arizona: ASU, and got into some fun learning times there. Studying outside of the United States for various projects/labs, some of these opportunities gave me great experiences from which to grow and develop myself and career. I've been an environmental scientist in the private sector, and currently have been able to utilize my Spanish language skills much more often. I love to get outside; camping, hiking, playing contact sports, but also reading great books and watching movies and tv shows is great to pass the time & mentally escape. I love my wife and kids; planning outings and vacations always get started with them first. A lot of long-lasting memories are only a planned-trip away. Nothing like a great road trip.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I found it out for myself that it is true. I was born into a family where my parents were active members of the LDS faith, and was brought up in the church...but, (as is counseled by the church), we ALL are asked to seek out the truth and know for ourselves. I've read many of the different teachings of the church; the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other teaching from prophets and leaders today...and know that they are actually true. It's pretty cool to know that me; some guy out among the 6 billion other people here, matter enough to our Heavenly Creator that I was able to get a special confirmation of its truthfulness after praying about it. Coming from a questioning, scientific approach to learning, I find that I apply a more scientific method to learning in general. I've done this with my schooling, as well as everyday things; including my spiritual lessons. I like to break down parts of my beliefs to their essentials, study them out, and pray to understand them better. So much of my personal testimony is based in these personal endeavors. -There are so many things in the world for which we have no answers...but, there are also a great deal many of things for which the explanations and answers DO exist. I love that we are not abandoned to ourselves, nor the swaying world's views in these crazy days in which we live right now! Instead, we have a living prophet on the earth today(!), along with other leaders to help guide, teach, and remind us of our divine pedigrees and our great importance to God above.

How I live my faith

In our area, as in probably many areas of the world, we meet together every Sunday for church meetings. They begin with sacrament meeting first, and then we're able to break into Sunday School, and then our respective classes by age and gender. These last couple of classes are actually the most interesting to me usually b/c I'm able to be with my peers, and discuss things as they fit in to those of similar ages, life experiences, and likes/dislikes. Everyone in the church is assigned to visit and help those other members in the close geographic region around us. I get to visit the homes of certain families that I can offer to simply be friendly and neighborly to. In life, things ALWAYS come up to shake your financial, mental, emotional, physical states...so it's important to know that you have someone you can always put a phone call to, or message in some way when they may need it. -And I too, also have someone else that is close-by that will do the same for me and mine. Basketball and other sports like softball and volleyball are always great to get in on; you don't need to be a member of the church to get some good pickup games in; competition is real healthy. We have tournaments against other 'wards', or areas of other members; and competing to win is a unifying aspect of any organized sport.

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes, Mormons are Christians. Anyone saying otherwise is playing the 'I'll believe what I want to believe' card. -I also think the sky is blue. Others might say; nope; there's actually not really even a color there to view; merely just the perception of which, that is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 440–490 nm. -Hmmmmm…Okey dokey. Look, however someone/group may want to make themselves 'different' and therefore 'more interesting too'...the fact remains: Being a CHRISTian is being a follower of Jesus Christ. The religion's name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Bible, Book of Mormon, and other books all testify of Him and his mission! We read and teach of following His perfect example and know that in doing so; we become disciples of Him. We'll WANT to do even more outward works by sharing, teaching, and helping b/c we have that faith and belief in His gospel and teachings. Show more Show less