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Hi I'm Curtis Dale

I was born and grew up in the backwoods of West Virginia, raised in a Bible Belt community. Baptized in 1979, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Born a country boy, my first five years were in a one-room school. Married after 2nd year, I graduated from WV University, commissioned in USAF. Spent 27 years in Air Force, flying many aircraft, worked as Launch Control Officer in Atlas and Minuteman ICBMs, and Space and Missile Warning and Spacetrack. Most notable flying was in RB-57F "Longwing," flying in a spacesuit on edge of space at 70,000 ft. + for 3 1/2 years. Three tours in Vietnam war with 153 combat missions. Held 7 command slots during career. Hold record of 178 Polar missions have flown the Arctic and Antarctic and am #2 for North Pole crossings with 87 time right over the top. I've visited all continents except Africa. Retired colonel! Worked 7 years with Titan IV Space Launch System after retirement as an astronautics planner. At same time, started writing Op Eds for newspapers and for 23 years wrote for up to 11 newspapers, but in 2008, the change of political administrations change the acceptability of conservative opinion in newspapers. I've visited all continents except Africa. Never a Boy Scout, I was asked to be a Scoutmaster in 1992 and have remained an active Scouter ever since. Awarded the Silver Beaver and the earned the Doctorate of Commissioner Science, working largely with Special Needs Scouts in recents years. Earned MA and PhD. Have 7 children, 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, married for 54 years and still very much in love with my girl whom I met when she was 13 and I was 15.

Why I am a Mormon

Brought up to believe in God and Jesus Christ, certain questions came to my mind. satisfactory answers seemed unavailable. I once asked a pastor, "What happens to the people who never hear of Jesus Christ in their lifetime?" He said, "We don't know. God will take care of it." Not satisfactory! Mother listened to "Music and the Spoken Word" Sunday mornings and I could remember Elder Richard L. Evans giving the talks and saying "From the Crossroads of the West at Temple Square, beneath the everlasting Hills, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir." That beautiful music remained with me as I grew up, eventually studying classical music, both voice and piano. Also, Dad had a Mormon friend who gave him a little book, "Golden Nuggets of Thought." I still have that little book today, and the recollection of Dad saying, "That Mormon is one of the finest men I've ever known." Neither Dad nor Mother drank. Dad said "I've never tasted alcohol and never touched dice or cards!" Never heard either curse or use a questionable word! Both loved the Bible. Dad was a marvelous Bible teacher. The background was set. I met my first Mormon in '59, a Flight Training classmate. He invited us to FHE and gave me rides to the base until we had a car. Great impact! In 1961, transiting SLC, I went to Temple Square, instantly feeling "I'm on Holy Ground." I studied the Church for 15 years, first to prove it wrong, then right. In '74, after Vietnam, my wife invited Missionaries, particularly Elder Cook. He incurred spinal arthritis causing painful, rapid, progressive spinal curvature. He didn't want his Mission to know, fearing he'd be sent home. What a testimony! In '78 I did a Special Project for Gen. John Lasater. Finished it successfully! He asked me to sit with him at lunch, bearing his testimony for 1 hr. An Area Representative in Cheyenne, he became a Seventy. Next was FHE at his home. Prayer for an answer, per Moroni 10:4 told me "It's true!" I committed to baptism. Five of family were baptized.

How I live my faith

In one way or another,I try to share my love for the Savior, His Church, the Prophet and testify of it's truth when opportunities arise. I am very active in politics, Scouting, and Church activities in general. In about 1991, I was asked to be a BSA Asst. District Commissioner and was able to work as Eagle Scout Advancement Chairman for 18 years during which time I assisted over 600 Eagle Scouts through their Eagle Project selection process and sat on over 300 Eagle Boards of review. In 2007, I was also made liaison to the Denver Area Council's Special Needs District and worked both Eagle Scouts and Special Needs for a couple of years. I am the Special Needs District Chairman. The work I do in Scouting puts me in contact with Scouting Programs of the various Churches in our community--Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Lutheran and community churches--and have made many wonderful friends who represent the best in Scouting. I recently took a serious, though short fall, that tore both quadriceps ligaments off my kneecaps, and that prompted my release as a Primary Teacher of Valiant 9s. I had enjoyed them very much. Yet, I am also enjoying being back in the High Priest Quorum. I have wonderful families that I home teach. During this period of being quite immobile, I have done my hometeaching by phone, e-mail, cards and visiting with them when the opportunities arose. One of the things I most enjoy is when non-member friends will ask me very basic questions about the Church, and i can give them very basic answers without going into deep doctgrines. That usually opens the door for other questions and answers. As I spent a month in the hospital this summer, I had many opportunities to identify myself as LDS, and that gave many opportunites to share the Gospel. One of the things I do is make jams and jellies in large quantities then share it at Christmastime with friends and neighbors. That opens opportunities to celebrate the birth of Jesus with them.