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Hi I'm Trina

And I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I’m a stay-at-home mom of two boys and have a loving and caring husband. I majored in sociology in college and worked for ten years in administration for non-profit organizations and three years at a commercial lending bank. I love being a stay at home mom, it is such a blessing! I get to see my kids more often (before they grow up too fast) and be involved in their lives. My hobbies are cooking, quilting and painting. I love to cook new foods for my family to try. They are good sports about eating a new creation!

Why I am a Mormon

I did not grow up going to church, we rarely went to the catholic church nearby. However my family spoke to me about spirtual things and taught me how to pray and ask God for help when I needed his direction in my life. We watched movies like the "Ten Commandments" on Easter. I was given a children's bible so I became familiar with biblical stories and the New Testament. I was told to beleive whatever I wished, but to always remember that there is a God! I didn't ever read the New Testament until I turned fourteen and had a hard time fitting in at school. We moved around a lot and it was hard making new friends. I read in the book of Mathew about Jesus's life and was touched by His love for the people. He healed them, taught them, and did wonderful miracles, and Heloved people that everyone else rejected. Then I read about his death, how he was tortured. How could they do this to Him, all He ever did was help others? Then I read about his resurrection and was so happy! Still not going to church, I was confused by many many things. In college I joined an Evangelical group and served a mission. It was at that time I read the rest of the scriptures. One day I was having a hard time and my friend came up and wrapped her arms around me and said "God loves you." I had heard that so many times before, but at that moment I felt it and knew without a doubt that God truly and completely loves me. A few years later after college as life settled in, some Mormon Missionaries knocked on the door and for two years I questioned them. After exhausting all my questions I asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true. I received an answer that it is true, and I accepted this church's teachings as the true Church of Christ.

How I live my faith

I try to read the scriptures and pray every day. We read the scriptures and pray as a family daily. We pray before meals and give thanks to God that we have blessings in our lives. Our family is the most important part of our life on earth and I know our family is eternal. I do my best in helping out wherever I can. Lately I have been helping out in the nursery, teaching the little kids about Jesus. I point to a picture of Jesus and say "who is this?" And one little boy always says "That's my Jesus". The children are so precious! Like little angels! I want to be an example for them, but they are an example to me! They love everyone! I also visit other families and teach them the gospel when they allow for it in their homes. I have visited people in the hospital when they are sick. Sometimes I bring people to church that may not have transportation. It may not seem like much, but sometimes just visiting with someone tells others "I am your friend and I care for you." And I love helping with simple things too. I like to cook and bring food to events. It's important to keep our bodies healthy and free from things that are toxic to us and so I don't do a lot of things people my age do. Instead I fill myself with better choices. Life is about choices and when we make the right ones, we receive many blessings. How can we live the gospel? Look for ways to help others, be kind to others and forgive.

In whom should we have faith?

We believe and place our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the same Christ that is described in the Holy Scriptures - The New Testament. The Apostle Peter taught that “there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). We must place our trust in Him, have confidence in Him and be willing to act on in his Name. We need to learn and live by the teachings of Christ in our daily lives. If you wish to know more about this man, turn to your scriptures. Does that mean we are perfect and don't make mistakes? No, we are striving to be like Jesus Christ and place our faith in Him. In placing our faith in Christ and walking in His ways, there are many blessings we can receive and by doing so we can become closer to our Heavenly Father. If one does not yet have faith, we should at least set aside a place for it in our hearts. I have personally found that by asking questions and diligently and sincerely seeking the answers in prayer and study that I have received answers to my questions. Show more Show less