What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Gaylon,

I play the trumpet & piano. I enjoy singing, watching & playing sports with my family. I have a great family and am so blessed.

About Me

I grew up in a Mormon family. My family heritage is a great strength to me & my children. My Mom joined the Mormon church when she was 16. She later met my Dad & they were married in the St George, Ut Temple. After 20 years sadly, my parents divorced. I was around 14. I love my parents & my step Mom too. Julie (my step Mom) brought to our family 6 additional siblings. She was divorced with three. Dad & Julie had three together. So, I am one of 10 siblings that my Mom (Sande), step Mom (Julie) & Dad have raised. Despite the heart ache & challenges life brings to us all, we have all remained faithful to the promises we all made at baptism to our Savior. We all get along very well. We love each other & support each other through the good and not so good. We try to meet together once a month. We share food, have activites, & give a small gospel message. My 7 children love this time with their cousins. It's a great time for us to share our feelings, successes and struggles. We are a strong contribution to our communities & country. We all work & pay our taxes. We also pay tithing (1/10th of our income) to help in building the Lord's church here on earth. We all serve faithfully in whatever church positions we are asked to serve in. We may not be the most qualified but we are willing and available. We do not get compensated for our time by way of money. I know why I serve in the church and the community, because of the love I have for my Savior Jesus Christ. Read on, there's more.

Why I am a Mormon

As I have grown to understand the plan that my Heavenly Father has prepared for each of us, my love for Him and His Son Jesus Christ has grown in my heart like a seed grows in the earth. I believe and feel in my heart, that this seed is a good seed and that the fruits of my efforts are being unfolded before my eyes. Study and prayer have brought me closer to knowing that we do have a Savior that came into this world. His sacrifices made for me are real and are the reasons why I too sacrifice my time and talents for others. His appearance to other civilizations after his death and resurrection resonates truth and love to me as I have read time and time again that account in 3rd Nephi chapter 18. This account and many other plain and precious truths in the Book of Mormon "Another Testament of Jesus Christ" will bring more good into your life as it has to mine. I testify that if you have a strong desire, real intent, you too can know of a surety that these things that seem to be obscure or hidden to the world, are true. We have a living Prophet of God. He is God's mouth piece to guide us in these latter days, just as He had done in ancient days. It is a blessing to live by the laws and principles of the gospel. This does not hinder me or my family. We feel it blesses. Despite the opposition that is inevitable in life, if we are faithful and strive to do what is right, we can one day return to live with our families through the blessings of the Priesthood and His holy temple.

How I live my faith

I give of my time and talents as best as I can. I have grown and developed over the years. I serve in various capacities and love to help others. I am not the best and brightest but it is a true joy and blessing to me as I do what I can. Right now (October 2012) I have been asked to assist the full time missionaries and our ward family in teaching new and less active members and those not of our faith the simple truths of the gospel. This position is called Ward Mission Leader. I like to help in the Junior Primary or Sunday School. The music they sing makes me feel closer to my Savior and my family. That is where I can be found when I need a spiritual lift, smile or laugh. Come see what it's about. You will know why our Savior loves his little ones.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Look around the world. Self reliance and hard work can make countries and nations strong and capable of taking care of others in the face of tragedy and disaster. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

I know that we will all live again. We are all here on earth to be tested and to prove our worthiness and to hopefully all return again to live with our Father in Heaven. This can be viewed as blind faith. I act according to the dictates of my own conscience and we allow all men the same privilege. The Spirit of Christ is given to all men that we may know good from evil. Our Father in Heaven has prepared a place for each of us. He loves each of us. We must find our way back to Him and He has not left us alone in this. We have the Spirit of Christ and the presence of the Holy Ghost to guide us. We have a living prophet of God. He is God's mouthpiece on earth. We have the scriptures that teach us and warn us of His (our Savior's) triumphant return. Live a life worthy of that gift he has given each of us and we will all share of the same blessings of eternal life which is His greatest gift. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is my spiritual witness or strong belief of what I know to be true through practice and the trial of my actions and faith I have exercised. In life we all feel strongly about what we all know and how we were raised. The difference with a testimony is that a testimony comes to you through the gift and influence of the Holy Ghost. That influence of the Holy Ghost or the Spirit of Christ is given to every Man, Women and Child to help us know good from evil. When we learn to recognize this influence in our life, then it will guide you to what is true and correct (God's will). Show more Show less