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Hi I'm Gene

I'm a pro-musician! Jazz and sacred-new age music,and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My name is Gene! Married to Barbara! I'm a pro-musician, jazz and sacred new-age! We are both in agreement that this church is one of a very few that aligns itself with the complete teachings of Jesus Christ! The church is only as perfect as its people! So that's why it's so very important to have a prophet on the earth today! He helps us deal with, push forward, and do our best to live in todays dispensation of time on earth! Think about it! If a man from biblical times were here today; What would he call an airplane or city bus?! Probably a great flying serpent or a serpent with the sound of many waters, which devoured men with the mouth on side of its head and spewed them out with the mouth on the side of its belly! Get the point?! Prophets were needed then and are most certainly needed now! This church teaches by applying spiritual logic, discipline, and most importantly The Love Of God! Many religions are so libral in their teachings that they refuse to accept the fact of absolutes! There is a such thing as sin! Motor oil is a good thing when used properly! But pour it over some apple pie and now you've got a problem! Two good things, but when mixed a terrible thing! Sin is the result of our base nature! The labratory of the mind! Always mixing different thoughts!The spirit of Christ also dwells in you! In your heart! Our church will always do its very best to help you find him!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a person like all of us, whom at one time in our lives, feels as though your soul is as a filthy rag before God's throne! In the late seventies, a friend of mine introduced me to a book titled the "Power of positive thinking"! I liked what I was reading! Since my previous religious background was evangelical, I was a little confused about some of it, but I felt more in tuned with what I was reading! Then I read "In Tune With The Infinate" by Ralph Waldo Trine,and The Aquarian Gospel (Still one of my favorites)! That was it! I was sold! Later my friend gave me a book "Ye are gods" by Annalee Skarin! In there, I saw bible verses, that after years of bible study, I never seen before! Psalms 82! John 10:34 ! I also saw references to D&C, Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon! Courious, I asked for a book of Mormon and Bible, then met the missionaries! In 1992 my wife at that time Felice and I were baptized and we joined the church! Some years later, after many trials, divorced and bitter, I fell away from the church! Presently since Aug. 2010, I'm married to Barbara! She has a very heavy background as a Jehovah's witness! But she found through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that this church is the only church that keeps itself aligned with the true, and complete teachings of Christ!! She is baptized and growing strong in her callings! We are both very blessed and happy here!

How I live my faith

My wife and I serve as public relations specialist at our ward! We are on the local host group for the upcoming visit to arizona of the Mormon Tabernacle choir in Feb 2012! We are grateful and humble to serve in anyway we can! I have no problem with my knowing that God exist! If anyone can name something! Anything! That never had its origins in the process of thought, then I will say "There is no God! But you see? There is no way anyone can do that! Its very logical and simple to me! Something thought of all of this! The principles of God are everywhere! I love him beyond words! My music speaks it clearly! All of us are Gods' children! Yes, we are gods! Learning, growing, achieving, and failing!! All for the unfoldment of our Fathers plan! I love our church and its profound leadership!! We always do our best to stay aware of the fact that, you can't ever truly love God, unless you love your fellow man as you love yourself! This is the core teaching of the church! The Son (Love) of GOD! Jesus The Christ!! If you would ask me "Am I saved?! " I would tell you yes, and now I'm working on my exaltation!