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Hi I'm Saleem.

I'm an office prankster. I'm a Halloween fanatic. I'm a tech nerd. I'm choir boy who loves sports. I'm a family man. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a husband, father of 5, a business professional in the field of Electronic Evidence/Computer Forensics by day and prankster all the time... I was a teenage run-away when I was 16yrs old but I wasn't your typical run-away...I was a good kid just trying to find some peace. I was always an active kid with interests ranging from karate to choir to motorcycles & football. I have a great mom & 4 brothers but I left home to get away from a dad who let drinking control him & our home. By the time I was a teenager I had made up my mind that I would leave home to get away from the abuse that came with the drinking. It was too painful to watch my mom putting herself in harms way to protect us & I often felt that if I weren't there she wouldn't have to be either. I was a good student, I played sports & was in both choir & band, anything to keep me busy. After leaving home (and the country I lived in) at the age of 16, I set out to build my own future & in doing so I found myself & my faith. I now have a family of my own & I've broken the circle of abuse. I've found the peace I always wanted in life, in large part due to finding faith. I "married-up" with a beautiful wife who cares for me, our kids & home. I like to go big on Christmas & Halloween plus we have great neighbors who do too. We love our neighbors like family & they in turn love us back. I'd like to say I've made it all on my own but I know that God watches over me & my trials have shaped my life for the better.

Why I am a Mormon

While growing up in a home where I saw first-hand how alcohol made my father lose control of himself I decided very early on that I would never let myself get close to that. My dad was actually a very caring & giving person when he was sober. This decision lead to me becoming friends with another kid in high school who also wouldn't drink. As is the case in most high schools, kids were beginning to experiment with drinking so I was surrounded with it at every party or gathering. At one party I attended I noticed someone else who wasn't accepting any drinks. I went over and asked "Why aren't you drinking?" curious to see why someone else my age wasn't drinking. "I'm a Mormon" was the reply I got but not knowing what that meant I quickly responded "I'm sorry to hear that, my aunt has the same problem." I had assumed that "Mormon" was the medical term for an illness my aunt had that prevented her from being able to drink... After explaining to me that being a Mormon was actually a religious thing & not an illness we talked about the church & the basic beliefs. That same year in my religious studies class at school we were challenged to study different religions of the world. I dove into this assignment with more than a interest in a good grade, I wanted to know more about the different religions, especially the Mormons. I learned more on that school assignment than I did on any other assignment in my life. I learned that each of us can know Jesus through our own prayers & by the gift of the Holy Ghost, we can all know for ourselves what God's plan is. We don't have to take anybody else's word for it. When I knelt in prayer & asked God I was overcome with such an indescribable peace that I started laughing & smiling with joy, I knew for myself that Jesus Christ lives & that we have a Father in heaven who loves us. At the end of that school year I was awarded the Religious Studies award for the entire school, ~4 months later I entered the waters of baptism.

How I live my faith

I have been a member of the Mormon Church for over 15yrs now. At first it seemed so hard to keep up with these people who studied the scriptures so much & who lived the religion 24/7. I learned that people of faith are not perfect, they are simply humble enough to want to be better by learning & living the way God would have us live. Everyday I learn something new, most of the learning comes by making mistakes but then realizing that I can be better. I have noticed in Arizona, where I now live. it is different from where I joined the church in Canada. Here in AZ, almost everyone knows a Mormon or something about us (many have pretty skewed ideas about us). Its funny how many times I hear from people "You're not like most Mormons are you?". At 1st, I thought it was an odd question but over time I've realized that people in AZ know more about the Mormon church than they do in Canada, there are more of us here in AZ. The #1 thing I hear from most people I know who are not Mormon is that they haven't talked with many Mormons just as friends. What I've found is that it is actually just people being people. Most people are inherently shy, they are afraid to approach people they don't know. Since Mormons go to church together we get to know each other & end up becoming friends even though we are just as diverse a group as everyone else. From the outside looking in most people consider Mormons to be clicky & reserved. I on the other hand am not shy, I talk to anyone & everyone. I know all of my neighbors by their 1st names & I make a point of including them in our family life. This seems to have had a bit of a ripple effect throughout our neighborhood. We have parties with everyone & we all work hard to make our street a place where anyone would want to live. I live my faith by trying to be a friend to everyone because if it weren't for my friend in high school being an example for me, I wouldn't have learned of the church & I wouldn't be enjoying the life I live today.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

To me this was such a compelling discussion point in my early studies of the church. I knew for myself through my own experiences that a great man could easily be overcome by substance abuse. It seems so common sense to me that God would want us to keep our minds clear so that we can act with our true intent. I know for a fact that my dad loves me but it hurt so much as a kid to see him act the way he did when he was drinking. To this day I love my dad, I always have but what I hated was how he acted when his mind was clouded. I know it is important for us to take care of our bodies so that we can act with a clear mind, especially when dealing with the lives of our family and friends. I know that when we have a clear mind that God can work miracles through us in blessing the lives of those around us. That is why I firmly believe this principle of the gospel. Show more Show less