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Hi I'm Steve

I am a biology lab tech. I am a grandfather and father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of 7, 4 boys and 3 girls. Three of the boys are our natural sons. The other four are adopted. Our family is of mixed race. One daughter is Native American (Sioux). One daughter is Hispanic. One son is black. The last daughter is white. I am a biology lab tech at a community college. I retired from the federal government USDA and later took the lab tech position. I started as an Adjunct Biology teacher. Most of my students were pre-nursing students. They needed my class in order to qualify to take the higher level biology classes they need for nursing. I was a Deputy Sheriff for four years after attending graduate school. We ran out of money to continue college for me. I took the job and eventually transferred to the federal government in my field. I love sports. My sons and I started a fantasy football league. It has expanded to include one friend and a couple of the wives. We have been playing now for about 8 years. I grew up playing baseball. I played every waking moment that I was not in school. I played softball for years after I got married. I also played some basketball in church leagues. I played Rugby at my college as an undergraduate for two years. As my kids grew, I coached them in soccer and baseball. I even ran the city baseball league for kids for two years while they were young.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church while I was in college. My college advisor happened to be the person who taught some church education classes on campus. He asked me if I would like to attend a class to see what they were like. Being nice, I agreed. When I got there, there were 7 women and no guys. I liked that and came back for a second class. I started to listen and it made sense. I must admit that the women got me to the second class. The second class gave enough time for me to absorb the information needed to know that I liked this religion. I started taking classes from the missionaries. I had no religious background as my parents were not religious. After reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it, I knew it was true. Since the Book of Mormon said the Bible was true, I believe that the Bible is true. I know that is backwards for most people, but that is how it worked for me. I had no testimony of the Bible when I started looking at the church. I gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon from reading it as requested. Everyone just assumes you have a testimony of the Bible, I did not. But, the Book of Mormon testifies that the Bible is the word of God. That was good enough for me to gain a testimony of the Bible. Joining the church was the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. It has opened doors to things that I never believed were possible. I have met people that would have been outside of my ability to meet. It has made it possible for my family to be closer than we otherwise would have.

How I live my faith

Since I joined the church I have held positions at almost every level in a local church unit. I have been the leader of the unit. I have been a counselor to the leader. I have led the Cub Scouts. I have taught kids from 3-adult. The one thing that the church does is give you opportunities to serve others. I have lived in small branches where we had 3-4 jobs to keep everything going. I have lived in large units where it is difficult to give everyone a meaningful job. The best part about being a member of the church is the fact that you get to have a job to do to help others. Usually when you get the job, you wonder if they selected the right person. I usually feel inadequate to the task at hand. But, with prayer and study, the job ends up rewarding me more than the people that I serve. Outside of the church, I have been President of the baseball league for my city. That was before the city added little league. I held that position for two years. I was also treasurer of the organization for two years before that. In one small town, the police chief had been shot. He was the only policeman the city had. So, the town hired a person to take on the job. The town found out that I had been a Deputy Sheriff and hired me to teach him what he needed to know before he could get some training. That was a case of being in the right place at the right time with the right skills. By living the standards of the church, I get opportunities to serve others that just fall into my lap. The example of helping the town with the police work was just one. We had numerous times where we were moved to a place to fill a particular need in the community. When that need was over, we moved to the next place. That was exciting. Now, we are teaching and aren't moving. The opportunities still seem to find us where we are.