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Hi I'm AriAnn

I know where I came from, why I'm here, and where I'm going after this life. I know this because I am a Mormon.

About Me

The things that don't change about me... I'm married. I would really love to adopt every dog I find. I love to cook and bake, which most of the time it turns out favorable. Music, music, music - I'm no pro, but I love listening to it and going to Concerts. I CAN sing. My favorite band is The Cure. My favorite bugs are lightening bug/fireflies. The ice cream man isn't creepy; he's my best friend (as long as he has my Tweety Bird ice cream). I love humidity. I grew up in a family of girls (my mom raised all of us). I'm frugal, not cheap. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marriage, Family, & Human Development in 2004. I love school and want to go back and do something else because I love getting educated. I love board games (my husband plays them to humor me), and I am a puzzle-nerd. And a crossword-nerd. Sudoku too. I LOVE my nieces and nephews! Oh, and Zelda. And I love eating at restaurants. I'm also passionate about stopping human trafficking. The things I could/will get into... Culinary school, Yoga, photography, piano lessons (again), blogging, auto mechanics, cats, herb gardens, regular gardens, accounting. I'm sure there's more. Things that must go... Mean people, anti-Mormon garbage, Bleu cheese, mushrooms, cilantro, bad drivers, Risk. I'll stop at the risk of sounding negative. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I've been a member of the LDS church my whole life. By that, I mean that i was raised LDS, and I was baptized at the age of eight (the age of accountability). I remember being baptized and confirmed into this church, and I remember it being a special day for me. I don't have a lot of details about warm feelings and a burning sensation that this was the right thing to do (although there are people out there who have that particular experience), but I remember being excited and comfortable. My mom did her best to raise us with values. She was a single-parent raising five daughters-all VERY close in age. My mom grew up going to a Lutheran church along with a challenging family life. During high school, she began working at a movie theater with a young man who was LDS. She was interested, and his family became my mom's foster family. My mom was baptized and confirmed at age 19. She got married at age 26, and proceeded to have five (beautiful) daughters! My dad left when I was three, and she didn't ever flinch at her faith. Sure, there were rough patches, but I never saw her question whether or not this church was true. She had unstoppable faith, and it translated into why I chose to explore The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It's true I was baptized and confirmed at age eight, but as I matured, it was my right and responsibility to study and pray about this church. I couldn't solely depend on my mom's testimony that it was true, and I haven't. I really dove into it around age 13 because I had questions and I had a friend who really inspired me to search out my religion. I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, along with other standard works. I prayed. I acted. Over the years, I've received a gradual testimony that this church is the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth. God does have commandments that we need to follow because it's the best route to having real joy. They're found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

There are always opportunities to serve in the church. We don't have a paid clergy. The members are the hands that God uses to fulfill his purposes. In return, He blesses us in the ways that are best for us. The Church is the same everywhere in the world, so anywhere I live, I am able to receive a "calling" or specific service opportunity for that area of people. In my lifetime, I have had the opportunity to serve within many of our church areas. I have been a music coordinator for the hymns that we sing during church. I have been a gospel doctrine teacher (teaching church doctrine/scriptures to the people). I have been a nursery leader with my husband (watching and teaching very young children during church meetings). I have helped train the female leaders of many church areas so as to strengthen the women's organization that we have. I have also served a full-time mission for this church (18-months of full-time preaching the gospel). All service extensions I have been offered, I have accepted and magnified. I can tell you that no service position in the church is of no value. All of the services work together to push the Lord's work forward, and I can attest that I've also grown from every experience I've been handed. From service, I grow, as well as the Church itself.