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Hi I'm Annette Deakins

I grew up in Alaska as the youngest of four boys. I'm the only girl. I was raised Baptist and my father didn't care for Mormons.

About Me

I am a stay at home mom. When I was a little girl and the teacher would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the only answer I had was a mother. My favorite thing about bein a mother is having teenagers in the house. I love teens and love working with them. I am 6 weeks away from finally finished my college degree in Early Childhood Education, which is funny, because little children are terrified of me. I have completed over 15 marathons, 3 century bicycle rides, and one 300 mile cycling event. I have completed sevearl Sprint and Olympic triathlons and dream of completing an Ironman one of these days. My biggest problem, although I am a great swimmer, I am terrified of open water. I was in an abusive marriage for 5 years. Not only was this the darkest time of my life, but it was for my children as well.

Why I am a Mormon

I live in an area where Mormon's are not very promonate. Someone asked me why I am so dedicated to my church. I didn't realize until she asked that how dedicated I was to living what my religion teaches. I do not feel I am dedicated to the Mormon church, as much as I am dedicated to following the commandments of the Lord. I feel that He has blessed me so much in life, I want to live in a way that when I meet him again, he will not doubt my love for him. When I live the commandments, as hard as they can be sometimes, my life is easier. I was not born a member of the church, but feel very fortunate to have the gospel in my life, and feel that it guides me in all the decisions that I make on a daily basis. It is like having a cheat sheet in the test of life. I have most of the answers to happiness, and if I don't know an answer, all I have to do is pray and I will receive guidance.

How I live my faith

I love working with teenagers. I substitute at my children's school as often as I can. I am very lucky that my church position is to work the teenagers in my area of the world as one of their leaders. This has been so much fun and such a huge blessing in my life. Every month I get to gather with about 80 teenagers (ages 12-18) and learn more about the gospel, do service projects, play games, dance, and most of all, a lot of laughing. Because of these amazing youth, I try to live a life that they would want to follow. I want them to suceed in everything they do. I want them to know that although life can be rough at times, choosing to live a clean life will bring immense joy. I want them to look to me and see that I know how to return to our Father in Heaven, and if I don't know the answer to their problems, I can help them find the answer. I live my life as 'Do and I say, and do as I do.' I have always told my own children, 'You can do anything you see me do.' This puts a lot of responsibility on me, but I believe that example is the best teacher.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Annette Deakins
Since I am a Mormon woman, of course I think we are awesome! In reality, we are just like every other woman. We strive to keep the commandments of the Lord, but we are not perfect, nor do we preceive ourselves as perfect. We believe that men and women were created equal, but that we have very distinct roles we play in our Heavenly Father’s plan. We work together to create a unified family and build a strong foundation for our children. Neither of us is more important than the other, and we need each other and the support of each other to make our family function well. We set goals together and work towards those goals. We treat each other with love, respect, and kindness. I love than when I am struggling, my husband is usually strong and able to help lift me up so I can continue on during hard times. I am also there for him when he struggles. I love that we are able to work as a team in most things that we do in our family. Having a marriage of mutual respect and love for each other makes not only our marriage amazing, but teaches our children how they should treat their future spouses and how they should be treated as well. Show more Show less