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Hi I'm Kay

I'm a family man and self made businessman. I rehabilitate low income housing that is scheduled to be torn down. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born the son of a miner and a school teacher and grew up in a small Nevada mining town. My father taught me to work hard and my mother taught me to be smart. My Church mission to Southern California showed me the possibilities of life beyond working in the mines and inspired me to set high goals for myself and my family. At this point I had never been east of Denver or west of Los Angeles. I came home from my missionary service a changed person. Instead of an average student I now worked hard to put myself through college with high marks knowing I would never use my degree to get a job. My father passed at the age of 48 when I was 19 leaving my mother little pension as he had worked in the mine just under 20 years. I took over his side business building barbed wire fence and used the income to put myself through college and purchase my first home. After graduating from BYU in business management I took a two week course in Real Estate and went to work for Century 21 so that I could start investing in Real Estate. Two years later I got my brokers license and opened my own one man company in my home. 15 years later I owned over 300 homes and apartments from Los Angeles to St. Louis and had traveled the world with my wife and five wonderful children. After a couple of years of retirement I decided I needed to be doing something more than golfing so I bought another 100 vacant units in North Omaha where I now live in my low income apartment with my wife.

Why I am a Mormon

The simplest and most honest answer is because I know it is true. I love that the gospel makes sense. If something does not make sense to me I have to figure it out. Religion is no different. As a missionary in Southern California I had to defend the church against the most intelligent people I had ever known. I believed the church was true but was too ignorant to be able to defend it against seemingly more knowledgeable people. This was unacceptable to me so I set out to first prove to myself that the bible supported my beliefs and second to be able to show it to others. Being a logical person I have learned that the only way to improve is to be willing to discard your old beliefs and opinions when you learn greater truth. I began reading and studying the gospel with a passion. I had never desired to understand something as I did this. I recall realizing the more I learned about the gospel the more I realized I didn't know. I read, pondered and prayed then read pondered and prayed some more. I studied the bible hours upon hours searching for answers, cross referencing passages and memorizing scripture after scripture. I was exhilarated by what I was finding. The more I studied the more it made sense and the more I knew Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet and this was the same Gospel Jesus had taught while on the earth. By the end of my missionary service I not only believed the Church was true but knew exactly why I believed it. I knew that a testimony of the gospel could only be given and sustained by the Holy Ghost and I had that, but I also had something my logical mind needed, the satisfaction of knowing I was not putting my faith in something that didn't make sense. I was no longer intimidated by the learned scholars of religion. In Southern California it was not uncommon to set an appointment with an investigator only to find they had invited their pastor. I now looked forward to these meetings as I knew the bible supported my faith.

How I live my faith

Above all the gospel has taught and inspired me to be fair, honest and generous with other people. As a low income landlord I have made my living in a trade that is known for dishonesty. Entire sections of the law have been written because so many landlords are dishonest with their tenants and tenants feel justified in cheating their landlord. The gospel has kept me focused on my faith in God and kept me from losing faith in mankind. I have found that being honest with people even when they are not honest with you is a rewarding lifestyle. The Lord has been very good to me and my family and it has brought great enjoyment to us and those around us to be able to share those blessings. The gospel has helped me raise five wonderful children who have each grown up to be people any parent would be proud of. It has given me an opportunity to serve and teach. Most of my church callings have been in teaching positions. I have spent many years teaching the adult Sunday School class but the majority of the time has been doing what I love most, teaching the teenagers. Many of those years were as a Boy Scout leader where I not only got to teach the young men but also got to go camping, hiking, biking and mountain climbing with them. It has been most satisfying seeing many young people go on to become extraordinary contributors to our society. There is little more satisfying than seeing the good you do multiplied through those you have influenced. I currently teach 8-12 year olds in my small congregation in North Omaha. Many of these children come from very difficult homes. I love them and pray for them. I try to share the blessing of the gospel with anyone who will listen. I wish I could share it with everyone but we live in a skeptical world where religion is a difficult subject to share. If you have taken the time to read this far I hope you will give those of us who have been so blessed by the gospel an opportunity to share these blessings with you.