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Hi I'm Spencer Walters

I'm a native to Arizona. Married with 4 kids. Our youngest is from Ethiopia. In my mid 20's I found God, and he brought me here.

About Me

Well hello there. Thanks for visiting. I'm Spencer. If you know anything about me already, you know I'm married to the amazing Tiffany! I'm truly a blessed man. We had three children together and thought our family was complete. Through inspiration from above and a lot of prayer, we knew there would be a baby boy born in Ethiopia who was meant to be a part of our family. So in 2007, we were blessed to travel across the world to bring home our youngest son. I work as a graphic designer to support our crazy (aka: messy) and almost always spontaneous lifestyle. When I'm not working or spending time with family, I enjoy music, sports, exercise and the outdoors. I love to go mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and compete in Adventure Racing. About the only thing I haven't tried is sky diving—which I won't ever in case you're wondering. I feel I get the same sensation trying to chase around my kids all day, but I don't have to worry if my chute will open or not. I love life. I'm by no means perfect, but I try to remind myself daily how much the Lord has truly blessed me.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in my mid 20's, I began questioning what my purpose in life was. I had a good life. I was a good guy (if I may be so bold). However, it was as if I was missing something. It's difficult to explain the events that followed. Imagine a bright red door that followed you around wherever you went. You knew it was there, but just kind of ignored it. Then one day, you decide to peek in...just a tiny bit, and BOOM!! Literally an entirely new world explodes into reality filled with beauty, knowledge, and new, unexplained senses all about your very existence. I remember one day hiking the back side of a small mountain, and I came to a cave that went through the entire mountain. It was night time, and the wind was RUSHING through it all around my body. I simply stood there soaking it in. That's kind of what it felt like. I had finally discovered God—that he was REALLY there—and he was all around me! Somewhere in the middle of all this, I met my future wife (yes, the amazing Tiffany). She was sent to me to show me the way back to Him. She had strong morals and goals like I had never seen before. It wasn't long and I began asking questions about her religion. I began learning more about who Jesus was and his role as my Savior, Redeemer and friend. I learned that I was never alone, even as a kid when I felt nobody was there. But Jesus was there, waiting patiently and perfectly as only He could. Looking back, it's bewildering to see His presence and careful guidance along the way to bring me to His restored gospel. There are things that happened, specific events that shaped who I was that leave little to no doubt I was eventually going to find it. And then it was up to me. Thankfully I chose to take his name upon myself. At the ripe young age of 24, I was baptized and have never looked back. A special thanks to my Heavenly Father for waiting so patiently, for sending me an angel to show me the way, and for sending his Son to suffer that I might live again.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in Christ by trying to be more like him. He lived a selfless life full of service to others. I do my best to do likewise. It can be something as simple as a smile or a phone call to let them know you're thinking about them, helping them move a piece of furniture, or cleaning up after a party. I remember one experience I had helping a poor, old lady change some light bulbs. You would've thought I gave her a million dollars! I also visit a few families in my area every month to check in and make sure they are being taken care of. If they're open to it, we will share a spiritual message to help invite the Spirit into their home. In our church, we call this Home Teaching. Thanks mostly to my lovely wife, we have expanded that program into our neighborhood. Recently, one of our neighbors survived a severe heart attack. She sent out an email and organized a team of church members and neighbors alike to go clean his house before he returned home from the hospital. She then organized another team of people to bring dinners to his home every night for at least a couple of weeks. The best way I can show my faith in Christ, however, is by making sure our home is a place where my family and I can have fun and enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. We do this by praying together, reading scriptures together, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, playing games, and a lot of hard work. I want to do everything I can so when they come to the point in their lives when they ask those eternal questions that I asked in my 20's, they will know to whom they may look for answers, even the Lord, Jesus Christ. I truly feel blessed to have been given opportunities (both great and small) to give back after all the Savior has done for me. It's like he said in Matthew 25:40, "...Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."