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Hi I'm Marcie aka "Charly"

I'm a singer, a teacher, an accountant, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Doctors and nurses were my friends as a young child which I thought was normal until I reached school-age and my peers made me aware of my birth defects. I have a very supportive family and they taught me to look for my strengths...scholastics. But as I excelled in school, I wanted to break out of the shell I had built around myself socially. A high school show choir changed my life. As I sang on stages and in front of groups nationally, I found the acceptance I had sought. I believe the saying "You become what others believe you to be"...in my case it was a positive picture! I wasn't always aware of others back in those days (what teenager is) but I have tried to instill this concern in my children. My daughter and I both share a love of reading while my son and I are both energetic (I was more so at his age). My husband and I lived in the city (and I LOVED it) but we chose to move back to my family's farm to raise our children. It really does take a village to raise a child and I am so thankful for those who have helped along the way...doctors, teachers, friends, family and my church.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up going to church on Wednesdays and Sundays, reading nightly from the Bible in my room, and writing in a journal. My senior year of high school, I wrote a research paper on the Book of Revelations and I think that began my quest. I remember asking my minister one question in particular at the end of our interview because so many of my friends were doing it...is it OK to drink? He hesitantly said it all depended on a person's intention or if they knew they had a problem. I didn't believe the God I talked to everyday was that vague but I didn't know there were other answers available. When I got to college, I sang in a church choir and tried to recruit members to sing with us. One classmate said he went to church already but we picked up the conversation later when he read me the "Articles of Faith" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). I didn't know much about the Church or have a problem with what he had read but I was curious to know more. From the first time I met the missionaries, I felt answers to questions, I hadn't asked yet, were being answered. I read the Book of Mormon in 4 days (crazy I know but remember I am a reader). I prayed to know whether Joseph Smith, Jr. really had been blessed enough to have his questions answered by...Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. How could that happen to a 14 year old? I believed God had talked to prophets personally in the scriptures and I knew He had given me impressions and helped calm me during trials. But it took FAITH to believe he could answer someone else's prayers in such a way that the whole world was affected. While many people feel commandments are confining and full of DO NOTs, I feel such freedom from worry, guilt, and confusion by living within the wishes of my Heavenly Father. As a parent, I understand setting up rules so that my children are safe and as they grow in knowledge they are often thankful for them. What a blessing the Church has been in my life!

How I live my faith

When I joined the Church, I hit the ground running...I went from singing in the choir to directing it and taking college religion classes to helping teach them. I wanted to share my joy with others and I helped the missionaries for several years. I loved seeing the happiness the gospel brought into the lives of those who were being taught. Each position, prepared me for more service. I have organized lessons/activities for the 18-month to 11-year children before taking more of a role with the 12-18 year old girls. Now I am able to look around myself and identify needs of families because of the training I have received through the years. I have become a better wife and mother but most of all, I am a better friend! Why is all of that important? Because I believe we ALL have trials and this life it the time to prove to ourselves what strength we have and if we don't have it yet, to identify our weaknesses so we can make them strengths as well. Can others learn from MY struggles or do they make me more empathetic? ABSOLUTELY! One program of the Church that I know came from Heavenly Father is the welfare program. The first Sunday of each month, members "fast" (go without physical food while they focus on being spiritually fed). The money they would have spent on the meals they skip is donated to a fast offering. This makes the "fast" spiritual as well as temporal. That money is used to bless those struggling financially until they can get back on their feet. The recipients are asked to serve where they can and everyone is blessed. Widows and children are taken care of as Christ instructed and that is the goal of churches...to become more Christ-like. I am not perfect and that is what I love about the Mormon Church...it is a place for imperfect people to gain strength and knowledge from others as they strive to become better. I have learned to better hear the voice of the Spirit and use it to bless others.