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Hi I'm Jim Foster

I'm a retired engineer and widower. I love sports and grandkids. I have lived in 7 states and have traveled a lot. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a retired engineer who has enjoyed a career of designing advanced electronic equipment used on large transport aircraft. My specialty is autopilots with automatic landing capability. I traveled extensively in my vocation, accumulating over 3 million frequent flyer miles, and have enjoyed visits to many countries. I enjoy reading technical articles and keeping abreast of new technology. After graduating from college, I served in the USAF for four years designing stratigic weapons for the military and then worked commercially for two major companies (Rockwell International and AlliedSignal/Honeywell) for 34 years. My career extended into several states: Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa, Florida, California and Washington. My greatest love in life is my spouse, who passed away 8 years ago. Some of our greatest memories are raising our children, servng in the church together and going on visits to foreign countries. My wife and I were blessed with seven children (5 boys and 2 daughters). Our children are now grown, graduated from college, married and have good jobs. We currently have 19 grandchilden with more to come. I love sports and have enjoyed participating in sporting activities throughout my life (High School, College, USAF, City and Church Leagues. Basketball and Volleyball were my favorites. Currently I serve my community in refereeing volleyball for high schools and club leagues. My hobby now is fixing broken things and spending time with my grandkids.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a convert to the Mormon church having joined when I was a freshman in college. My parents were not affilieted with any church. My closest relatives belonged to the Baptist church, my best friend belonged to the Church of Christ and I grew up in a Catholic community. As a young boy, I believed in God and Jesus Christ and was ernestly seeking a church to join. My first association with an orgainzed religion occured as a cub scout in the Presbetarian church. I later became aquainted the the Mormon church through their boy scout program. At first, I attended only the boy scout meetings. Then during my later high school years I attended Sunday meetings where I learned about the doctrines of the church. What I mostly learned from attending the Mormon church, without being pressured to join, was how happy the families appeared to be and how well the members lived their religion. In short, how they appeared to lead Christ-like lives. I was particularly impressed with how clean-lviing the young boy scout members my age were in comparison with other boys in my high school. As a young athlete in high school, I associated myself with other athletes that were morally clean and didn't use alcohol, tobacco or drugs and my Mormon friends, were examples to me of how God would like a young man to live. After high shooll graduation I went off to college and met many new Mormon friends and became further convinced that members of the Mormon faith had something that I didn't have - something that I really wanted. So on one weekend when I went home to visit my parents, I was presented the opportunity to join the church and I quickly accepted and was baptised. I have never regretted this decison to join the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS (Mormon). The Lord has blessed me with a lovely family and many opportunitiess to serve God's children in a church that I really love. My family, including my dear wife, are sealed to me for time and all eternity in the temple of God.

How I live my faith

I strive to live every day of my life to live the commandments of God as defined by the holy scriptures. I try to present a pleasing disposition to all with whom I come in contact, being quick to smile and encourage with a kind word. My daily goal is to render service to somone who in in need. I have enjoyed many callings in the Church that have allowed me to serve and grow. As a Bishop I was able to provide spiritual and temporal assistance to members of my Ward. As a member of a stake presidency, I was able to serve the members on a multi-Ward or Stake level. As an ordinance worker in the Temple, where I currrently serve, I am able to serve members on a muti-Stake level. I currently serve as a home teacher to assigned members of the Ward to see that they are temperally and spiritually looked after. I am the oldest church member of my family which makes me a partiarch and gives me the responsibility to be an example to and look after my entire family (children and their families). I also have the responsibility to compete family history records for my ancestors and see that their temple work is completed. I have a strong testimony of the truths taught by the Church. I believe that God is our eternal Eternal Father and his Son Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of this world. It is only through Jesus Christ and the grace of God that we can be saved after all we can do. I believe that our church has a prophet today and 12 Apostles, as it was organized when Christ was on the earth. Joseph Smith was the first prophet in these modern times. He was instrumental in restoring Christ's oriiginal church and translating the Book of Mormon from ancient records which I believe, in addition to the Bible, is another testament of Jesus Christ. I believe that by obeying God's commandments and obtaining forgiveness of all my sins, through the atonement of Jesus Christ, I can be permitted to live with God forever, along with my family.