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Hi I'm Zoe

I'm a wife and a mother. I try everyday to be like Jesus, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love being a wife and mother! It is the joy of my life. My husband is a very hard worker, and an excellent Dad to our two children. We are very blessed to be the parents of one girl, and one boy. We really struggled to have our kids, so we understand that they are miracles! Our son was born prematurely, and has had a lot of health problems because of that. All of these struggles have definitely brought us closer as a family. In addition to being a wife and mother, I also work full time outside of the home. I work at a medical research company. It's very challenging work, but I really do like it. It has been such a challenge for me personally to be a full time worker, a mother, and a wife all at once. Finding the balance is a hard thing to do. I think people call it "mommy guilt". As long as I do my best, and learn from my mistakes, I feel like Heavenly Father will make up for where I'm lacking. I love to read! I read 1 or 2 books a month. The book club that I'm in has been my favorite activity over the last few years. I love to play with my kids. Hide and Seek in the house is the best game ever! I also love to do crafts although I don't find much time to do them. Recently I've taken up presserving food for my family. I love to make jam! I also love to garden. It's an awesome feeling to be able to cook a dinner with vegetables that we've grown ourselves.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have learned that this church is the true church of Christ on the Earth today. I learned this by praying to Heavenly Father and asking him if it was true. My prayer was answered as the Holy Spirit confirmed to my spirit that IT IS TRUE. I am a Mormon because I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that I must become like him to be happy, and to live with my Father in Heaven again after this life. I am a Mormon because I have never found another church that can answer the questions of where we lived before this life, why we are here on Earth, and where we are going after we die. I am a Mormon because I believe that the true church of Christ will have the same priesthood authority today that existed in the time of Christ. The Mormon church has that priesthood authority. I am a Mormon because this church teaches eternal principles like the idea that families can be together forever, even after this life. I am a Mormon because I know that the Book of Mormon is true, sacred scripture and that I can grow closer to God by reading it and abiding by it's principles. I am a Mormon because THIS IS THE CHURCH OF GOD!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by making it a part of everything I do every day. My faith provides the governing principles that I live by and helps me in every choice that I make. I know that God is real, and that he is my Father. I know that if I make right choices, I will return to live with Him again after this life. Because I know these things, I try to live with integrity and goodness. I try to be honest. I also try to choose activities for me and my family that help us to keep the spirit of God with us. I live my faith by attending church every week. This is so important because it gives me a set time to stop, take inventory of how I did that week, and reset or re-commit myself to living the principles that I know are true. I am a Sunday School teacher at church. That means that I get to teach the adult members of the church out of the scriptures every Sunday. This year we are studying the New Testament of the Bible. It has been so awesome to study and learn about the life of the Savior! I also live my faith by trying to help my fellow men the way that the Savior did while he was on the Earth. I strive everyday to see others the way the Savior would see them. I am so blessed to be a member of the church and know what the purpose of life is. I know that I have to do my very best everyday to keep the commandments, and then repent and learn from my mistakes. If I do this, I know that even though I am not perfect, throught the grace of God which is the atonement of Jesus Christ, I can return to live with my Heaveny Father again.