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Hi I'm Ron

I'm a Mormon. I am a DJ and have done dances for churches, schools, parties, companies, weddings and more.

About Me

I am a dj that does weddings, parties, and schools. I have been doing this for 25 years. I have done dance instruction with grade school kids all the way up to adults. i am a father of 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls. They are all married to wonderful spouses and have given us 19 grandchildren. What a great blessing. The statement the you keep the kids alive to get the grand kids is true. I went to lots of schooling but never graduated from college. i am the president of two website companies with my two sons. it is the most amazing thing to go to work every day with my sons. I love my work and love working with my sons. I have been married for over 39 years to the most amazing angel. she have really made me complete. Still after 39 years she takes my breath away just walking into the room. I get butterflies every time i hear her voice on the phone. One of the best memories i have is serving as a young single adult bishop for 4 1/2 years. I loved every moment. There was close to a 1000 young single adults from 18 to 30 that i was able to work with. There is some amazing youth out there and they have touched my life and i am a better person today because of them. I have had some sad things in my life. I lost my younger sister to cancer and that was hard. I have made and lost money. I have lost jobs. I have lost friends that have died. I would say the saddest day in my life was when i was released from being the young single adult bishop. I will always love those youth.

Why I am a Mormon

At age 19 a lot of my friends were going on a mission for the LDS church. I was a high energy ADHD Child. I new that i could not go on a mission without my own testimony. My dad was semi active. He smoke and drank and that was sometimes hard in my home. When you go on a mission you first must be worthy to go to the temple. I wanted my dad to stop smoking and drinking and i thought he would stop to be worthy to go to the temple with me. I told my dad i was going on a mission and i wanted him to go to the temple with me, then he did something i had not expected. He said that he would not stop and I needed to decided if i wanted to go on a mission because i wanted to and that i believed the church was true. That is when I did a lot of searching within me. What did i believe? Was the church true? So for the first time in my life I really started to study what the church was teaching. I received my own personal witness through prayer. I got this warm feeling that what i had been studying was true. I got so excited about the plan of salvation. I learned that there really was a God and that He was my Heavenly Father. I was his son and I lived with him before I came to this earth. That someday if i lived worthy I could return and live with him again. I had never felt so much peace as i did when i received a witness that the plan of salvation was true. That i have a Father in Heaven who was real. That he had a body and that i was made in his likeness.

How I live my faith

I try to be like the savior every day. When i was a child I started preying that I could make someone happy that day. This has become a part of who i am. It is pretty amazing how my prayers are answered sometimes. I will get a feeling to call someone or stop by. Sometimes people are just put in my path and i have an opportunity to do a good deed. Someone said to me we are like a computer. what ever we put in is what we can put out. So i want to put good things in, so i have good things to give out. i did not want an ok life so i decided to be sensational every day. When someone asks me how i am my answer is sensational. You should see some of the looks i get when i say that. People will say wish i was sensational and my comment is you can to day you have my permission to be. Like i have any say but they think it does. Every time I say I am sensational someone feels a little better. It make people smile and feel happier. The Savior went about doing good deeds and never ask for anything. I try to do that every day. When i am able to do that i am a lot happier. My life is not without problem or heart aches. Not everyone of my days are sensational but i believe that every day is better because I am striving to be sensational and not just ok. As a DJ i try to teach the youth that music can play a big part in their life. What they listen to can effect how they feel. That they need to listen to music that up lefts and not tears down the spirit within us. That you can have a great time dancing and mingling with good music. That you do not need music that will take you down a wrong path body and mind. I try to be a better husband and father everyday. To recognize all the work that my wife does for me and my family. To not preach to my children but set an example that they want to follow. Growing up my dad would say to me. "I can't hear what you are saying because what you are is thundering in my ears. Life to me is 2 things. Who did you love and who loved you.