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Hi I'm Keith.

I am a lawyer that helps crime victims. I know our Heavenly Father loves us so much - even through tragedy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I had the kind of parents everyone should have. They were affectionate, kind, loving, and completely devoted to each other and to our family. I honestly never heard an unkind word spoken between them. They loved each other so very much. My father was a strong "John Wayne" kind of cowboy - but he was always so loving and tender to my mother and us children. Every day, my parents kissed sweetly and lovingly - just like it was their first kiss. My father taught us that a real man was: 1) strong enought to keep the commandments of God; and 2) humble enough to fully repent when we have done wrong. They taught that forgiveness comes through faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. They taught selfless service. They taught us to be patriotic, love our family, and have faith in a loving God, especially in times of difficulty. Family was everything to them. They loved us so much. We knew it and felt it. I grew up thinkingeveryone had parents like mine. It was much later in life when I learned that many whom I cared about, had a much different life experience. Abuse, infidelity, immorality, and selfishness left so much pain and heartache. More often than not, it was caused by the men who broke the tender hearts of their wife and children. I know God loves us so much. I have devoted by career as a lawyer to representing abused women and children to help those whose hearts are yearning to feel the most precious gift of all - God's love. .

Why I am a Mormon

Yes, its true I was born in a Mormon family. But that is not the reason why I still am a Mormon. Even though I was born and raised in this church, I too learned for myself in the quiet, deepest parts of my heart what was true and what God would have me do. Perhaps the most important moment in my life happened quietly and unexpectedly in the back seat of my father's pick up truck when I was a young boy. I was on a trip with my parents and it was very early in the morning before the sun had even begun to rise. My parents had made a bed for me in the back seat. They thought I was asleep. But I wasn't. I couldn't sleep. My mind was worried, and my heart was hurting. I had done something wrong that was bothering my young soul. I had stolen a two cent piece of gum from a store. I knew I had done wrong, but did not know what to do about it. I was afraid. Without my parents knowing, I began to silently pray, pouring out my heart to my Father in Heaven asking for guidance about what I should do. As I prayed, I felt the most powerful feeling in my heart. It began to burn with a feeling that I had never felt before. It felt as if the most loving warmth consumed my entire heart. I also felt inside my heart more than heard the words, "I love you my son, but you have done wrong, and must make it right." I was given divine assurance of love, while also being chastened to repent and make it right. The feeling burned within me for quite some time thereafter. I did not want it to leave me. Without the slightest doubt, I knew it was of God. I now know that feeling is the Holy Ghost bearing witness from God to me about that which is true. I feel it when I read the Bible. I also feel it when I read the Book of Mormon. I feel it when I listen to the prophets speak. I know these things are true because the Holy Ghost has confirmed its truthfulness upon my heart so firmly that I can not deny it. I know God loves us and answers our heartfelt prayers.

How I live my faith

Like my parents did for me, my wife and I teach our family to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ. We learn of our Savior by reading the scriptures and gather our family each day to read together. Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon tesify of Christ, his teachings, and his gospel. We also encourage our children to read the scriptures on their own to feel peace and find answers to problems whenever they are sad, discouraged, or face another of many life challenges. Before leaving the house each morning, we also gather to have family prayer asking for the Lord to guide our family in his footsteps throughout the day. We try to find ways to do good in this life. In short, we try to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Of course, we are imperfect. We make many mistakes. We often feel discouraged. We have trials, difficulties, and heartaches in life. But through it all, we feel uplifted and supported by a loving Heavenly Father. Even though we do not understand everything - we know that God does. And as we do the best that we can to follow his commandments and truly try to repent of our sins, we know that we can be forgiven and blessed through the grace and atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is our faith.