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Hi I'm Mike Proudfit

I'm a hiker, biker, youtuber, father, happily married, return missionary from Taiwan, business owner, ice cream lover and a mormon

About Me

I grew up in Kirkland Washington. Played Varsity basketball and football and lost the state championship football game in 1994. I had great people in my life growing up which helped me want to serve a mission for the church. I saved up my money and applied to serve a mission and was sent to Taipei Taiwan. I had to learn Mandarin Chinese which was difficult for me. Serving the Lord for 2 years of my life set the foundation for me as a father and husband for the rest of my life. I graduated from BYU with a finance degree and ended up starting my own Security Company. Really, work for me is irrelevant. My family is most important to me. I work only to be able to support the family. My sense of worth and importance in this life comes from trying daily to be a good husband and father. I have 4 kids and an amazing wife. My wife loves being a Mom and dedicates her time to being the best Mom someone could be. She could very easily have a career but has chosen to dedicate her time and talents to doing her best and motherhood which I am grateful for. We love to be together. We have date nights every week and do all we can to continually build our relationship so it will never die. Some would say I'm a bigger boy, or love to eat my ice cream. True. Daily exercise is part of my happiness routine. Biking, running, weights, and basketball. Daily scripture study has also become a part of my life which bring light in every day. The savior has lightened my load.

Why I am a Mormon

I know Jesus Christ is real. I have studied the scriptures and gospel for years now and their is a recurring theme. I have read the Book of Mormon 19 times and each time I kneel in prayer and ask if it is true. Each time without fail I have received confirmation that the book which I have read is not only true but it is a road map for my life. I have found the answers to my questions in this book and it has been the constant reminder in my life to be humble and seek eternal things first. No one has made me be a Mormon. I have 5 other brothers and sisters and all of them are happily married and still very active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. They too know that this church is true and the teaching within are correct. I'm a Mormon because I have studied the teachings and know them to be true and the Holy Ghost has told me they are true. It has always been this huge tree growing within me. I continually feel the need to learn and study more which always makes me want to repent and improve my life and become more like Jesus Christ. Even if the church or Gospel was not true, you gotta admit this would be and is the greatest organization on earth. What an amazing association, structure, and group of people. Where else on earth can you find people that care so much about one another and are united in a world wide effort and belief. They are so passionate about it that they will give anything and do anything for those around them and for people they don't even know. But the church is true. I know it is. Anyone can know this and find out for themselves. I'm so proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ and have the road map to guide my family back home to him.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite things about the church is that no one is paid. We are all asked to do different things in the church and it is constantly changing. I used to work with the youth kids from ages 14-16. That was my favorite. We did lessons on Sundays and camp outs every other month. I love working with these youth because I know what they are going through. I know the challenges they are facing and the pear pressure they are receiving. Right now I'm working with the men in the ward. I have been asked to organize looking after 79 men and their families in the ward. It is tough at times. Everyone has their busy lives and family things and work things which fill their life up. Our job is to look after, and assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities as Fathers and Husbands and be there for support with anything they may need. I have 4 counselors that help me with this and we spend a lot of time meeting with the fathers 1 on 1 and advising them and letting them know we love them and support them. We also do in-home visits and get to know their families. This calling or service position has really helped me and my counselors to come out of our shells and get to know people and put their needs and concerns above our own. Selfless service comes easier. It would be much easier on a Saturday to sit on the couch and watch football rather than go help someone move in 110 degree heat! What we quickly realize though while serving is that we are the hands and feet of the savior. We are representing him and doing what he would do if he were here.

What is being a Mormon like?

Mike Proudfit
Being a Mormon to me is different than being a member of another religion. We believe this is the only church on the earth that hold the Priesthood of God (the power to act in God's name) which allows us to perform all of Gods ordinances here on earth. So once you read The Book of Mormon and Bible and pray to receive an answer that the things you have studied and read are true......you must then follow the promptings from the Holy Ghost and follow the Savior your whole life. Its not just something you do on Sunday or when you feel like it. Being a Mormon is following the Saviors example everyday. I fall short all the time. I'm just here on earth trying to do my best each day. I have a great wife and 4 kids which I am thankful for each day. As a Mormon my commitment to my family is so strong. This life is a blip in eternity. We are here to gain some physical experiences and experienced what life is like and how to control our actions and thoughts and live and serve others. Being a Mormon has never been hard for me. I have never felt restricted or controlled. I have felt guided and inspired each day by the principles I try and live my life by. I'm glad their is repentance and repentance is possible because I make mistakes all the time. Being a Mormon is fun, inspiring, wholesome, unifying, and most of all.....worth it. I recommend it to anyone seeking happiness or seeking everlasting life which really is to know the savior. Show more Show less