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Hi I'm Perry

I have a family. I ride a dirt bike. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Above all, raising my three kids with my lovely wife has brought more joy than anything else I've experienced. Outside of that, I love doing stuff in the outdoors and enjoy life in general. Sometimes it's off dirt biking around Moab or the Utah Desert, hiking 14'ers in Colorado, camping or vacations with family. I also occasionally enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding. We have a good sized extended family that all get along and we enjoy frequent gatherings that have been the source of many great memories over the years. I work with databases in the Information Technology field. I know enough to not discuss what I do at work in casual conversations unless sleep is the desired outcome. I'm also an artist and create work when I'm not doing things with my family or doing things outdoors. This means I do artwork about once a year, if that. I'm somewhat of a "renaissance man" always having an interest in learning a little about all things, but not enough focus to become a specialist in any one thing. As a child I remember always flipping through the encyclopedias in my home and stopping on anything that caught my attention. That's substituted today with stumbleupon.com or surfing the different documentaries on the cable channels.

Why I am a Mormon

I was five when the missionaries of the church came into our home. Unfortunately my father did not accept and my parents were divorced shortly after my mother and brother were baptized. As a small child, the only thing I remember learning in church was that we have 12 apostles, just like the church Jesus Christ founded when he was here on earth. I thought "Isn't that stating the obvious?". Of course God's church would be the same today as the church Jesus established. In my youth, I was amazed to find that no other church on the earth had 12 apostles or a prophet to guide their people. So we are to emulate the life of Christ, but not his church? As I learned more about other religions, on my own studies, I learned two things. First, there's about as many different churches as there are people. Secondly, people often conclude that the religion they were raised in is right, and everyone else's church is wrong. How was I to know whether I was like everyone else, believing their own beliefs are more correct than others, or was it indeed the true church of God and I was lucky enough to be raised within it? I kept an open mind and studied other beliefs under the premise that if I felt the spirit stronger elsewhere, I would certainly follow. I found true principles in all faiths, however, there always seem to be something missing, lacking, that could not match the completeness and clarity I found in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith, the first Prophet of this age. In comparison to the other faiths I studied, when I read the Book of Mormon and other restored truths I felt the confirming feeling of the spirit far greater and much more convincing than I felt anywhere else. Over time, my faith continued to increased to the point I knew for myself that although there are many great truths elsewhere, no where can the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be found than in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

In addition to church service, my wife and I like to do things within the community such as helping with the After Prom event for our local high school for several years. I was able to leverage my artistic talents to help illustrate several murals we'd hang all over the walls of the school. Life as a Mormon is often a bit foreign to many. Any one who has had a Mormon family move on or off their street has seen the hoards of people that magically show up and help out. It's something akin to an Amish barn raising. I remember when we moved a single parent and she was a piano instructor. We had to move five upright pianos! Attending church is much more than showing up and hearing a sermon. It is a church of "doing". Just about everyone in the congregation (aka a "Ward") serves in a position of service known as a "calling". These positions are all voluntary and no one is paid for their services, not even the leadership. Throughout my life I've served in many positions in all areas, I've also spoken to the congregation on assigned topics. All of these things are quite common. I've taught children of all ages, youth and adults, participated in scouts, served in the nursery, and worked the soup kitchen. I've served a full time mission, held leadership positions since my youth and participated in many service projects. I'm currently teaching the Old Testament this year to some of our youth that attend our local high school. We also are assigned two or more families to visit each month just to see how they are doing and share a brief uplifting message with them. We also will help those families in times of need by helping them ourselves or getting others involved. All of these things help unify us and serve other each other. Through these positions of service, we learn to love and care for each other and put others before ourselves. It's a truly inspired program and is another testament to me that this is God's church, directed by Him through our prophet and apostles.