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Hi I'm Sara

I am an Arizonan, a wife, a mother, a college graduate and a stay at home mom of 5.

About Me

I was born in Northern California. At age 3, I moved to Arizona with my mom, dad and brother. My father was not a member of the church; however, my mom was diligent in taking us children to church each Sunday. Family life growing up had its challenges. I knew for my future family I wanted the blessings that were missing in the family that I grew up in. I wanted an eternal marriage for time and all eternity and a husband worthy to have the Priesthood. I married in the Arizona temple to a wonderful returned missionary. With both of us using the Atonement through repenting and trying to become closer to God, we are able to forgive each other and strengthen our marriage. We have 5 wonderful kids. I am blessed to stay at home with them. Even though my greatest desire was to be a wife and a mother, I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Sociology, because I was motivated by the scripture in D&C 130:19 "And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come." I knew my degree would be beneficial while raising my children and I knew it could help me find employment during times of financial need. I enjoy creating home decor projects, playing all kinds of games, sewing, thrift store shopping, decorating, remodeling, family vacations, hiking, and making holidays special for my family.

Why I am a Mormon

My maternal grandmother & grandfather were the first to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. When my grandpa was diagnosed with Hodgekins disease, he became depressed & stopped going to services at their Presbyterian church. The missionaries came to their door one day & my grandmother invited the missionaries in thinking that he needed some faith to cling to. They were hungry to learn everything they could. My grandma says, "It seemed this church had answers to every question a human could ask." I am grateful for their faith in accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ and choosing to be baptized. They taught their kids the truthfulness of this gospel and my mom was able to teach me. The Holy Ghost has testified to me many times of the truthfulness of this church. As I obey the commandments, I am blessed and happier. I am grateful that families can be together forever through priesthood ordinances performed in the temple. I love my family, & knowing that we will all be resurrected after this life makes death easier to bear, because I will see them again. I love my family here on earth & I know those relationships can continue beyond the grave. I have also experienced the effects of the Atonement. It has filled my life with happiness & peace. I know we can be forgiven for our mistakes. As a teenager, I remember at one point thinking that the Lord would not want to hear from me because I knowingly made wrong choices. I was wrong. He loves us unconditionally and will always welcome us back. Whatever I struggle with, God can fill in the gaps with His grace and help me overcome anything! The programs of the Church help all ages come unto Christ. I am grateful to have modern day prophets guiding me in how to be the best wife, mother, and neighbor that I can be. I am grateful for the programs that supplement my teachings and help guide my children to choose the right and become closer to their Heavenly Father, too.

How I live my faith

I live in Gilbert & volunteered in organizations such as Cub Scouts, teaching children (Primary) & teenage girls (Young Woman's Organization) & also as an "assigned friend" (visiting teacher) where I teach her a monthly lesson & be there to help & encourage her however I can. Each person on this earth is created by a loving Heavenly Father & is given unique talents to bless those around us. As I serve His children (young and old), I grow to love them & I am able to get a glimpse of how God sees & loves them. One of my favorite organizations to serve in was the Young Woman's organization. I loved to teach the 14 & 15 year old girls weekly lessons on Sunday. I prepared to teach them the same way I teach my own children, through example & by having God's spirit with me when I taught. After we are baptized with the proper authority, we are given the gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion, as long as we try to be obedient to God's commandments & repent when we fall short. I prepared the lessons enough in advance so the Holy Ghost could remind me of stories & personal experiences that inspired the girls. We also had a weekday activity that unified friendships, taught a principle of the gospel, or we learned something that helped us become better women, moms and wives. It's nice to have an organization where teenagers can socialize with those that have the same values & beliefs. I have a teenage daughter & I see how hard Satan tempts the youth. I am grateful my daughter can participate in an organization that teaches important principles like modesty, chastity, service, & abstaining from drugs and alcohol (just to name a few). I live my faith by following the prophet's counsel & by repenting when I fall short. Every day is a new day. As long as I am improving, I call that a success! Reading scriptures, having family prayer, attending the temple, partaking of the sacrament & serving are some ways that help bring more patience, peace, love & happiness into my home.