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Hi I'm Cassie Grace

I'm a Mormon. I am a wife, daughter, sister, and aspiring illustrator.

About Me

As a kid, I drew a lot! I think my mom made a good investment in crayons because its what I studied in college. I had the opportunity to go to school and learn the building blocks of art and design. Now I'm working towards a illustrating webcomic and developing my other skills like sewing, bookbinding and oil painting. I love food. Not only do I love eating, I love making dinner for my husband and me. Luckily, he'll eat just about anything so I have a lot of freedom for my cooking experiments, most of which turn out lovely. Somehow, I can't seem to get him to gain a pound!

Why I am a Mormon

While, my mom brought me to church all growing up, I'm glad to say that I still chose to be a member of the church. Knowing my Heavenly Father has given me direction and peace. My life isn't always peaceful, mind you. I have struggles and trials, but I know I can ask God for guidance on how to proceed. I love that I can receive personal revelation about the big things (like marrying my husband) and the little things (Like picking up some extra water at the grocery store because the city turns of the water for a few hours.) Heavenly Father loves me and I hope that through my actions, He can see that I love him too.

How I live my faith

At the moment, I don't have a particular duty at church yet, but I have taught seven year olds on Sundays as well as make flyers for the women's organization. Since I'm new in our area, I'm working to make friends every Sunday with people in my congregation, because everyone needs a friend, right?

What is being a Mormon like?

Cassie Grace
Sometimes people answer this question with all the restrictions we have, like dressing modestly or abstaining from alcohol, or coffee, but I'd like to focus more on all we can do! As a mormon I can do all sorts of things. I can vote, work, play and learn. I ride my bike with my husband and we go on dates. We celebrate holidays and birthdays. I enjoy the peace of knowing I can have an eternal family after I die. Sundays consist of three hours of meetings, but that's not so much in the grand scheme of things. I am often given callings (job) to serve our congregation in some way, like teaching children or making the ward bulletin. I get to serve others and learn from others in church, so its a sweet gig. Being mormon isn't always convenient or easy, but its definitely worth the work. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Cassie Grace
Mormon women are incredible! I have known and met so many interesting ladies. Many are educated through institutions like college and others by living and learning from others. Some are sassy and others more reserved.... just like everybody else. One lady that I admire is an incredible genealogist and spent a whole summer with her teenage son training him how to jump higher. My mom is and incredible seamstress, cook and avid reader. My sister is an mother and wife, but plays with calculus because she thinks its fun. Mormons definitely believe men and women are equal. We believe that we have different roles and missions on earth, but neither man or woman is better than the other. God loves his daughters and his sons. Show more Show less