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Hi I'm Jared

I am a full-time student trying to juggle life. I love the outdoors and music. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently attending a University studying accounting. It is the "language of numbers" and it fascinates me. I am definitely living "college life." My life is full of school, homework, football games, and on the go leftovers. I love teaching or speaking. I hope to one day have my own consulting firm so I can teach everyday. If I have a chance to teach in church, I jump on the opportunity. It creates a fire in my heart when I can testify of the gospel. Music is a big part of my life. I have played the guitar for 9 years now. Playing the guitar is my way of relaxing and expressing myself. My life isn't all fun and games. It does get stressful with school, work, and other things going on. My family and friends help me stay sane and support me in what I do.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up as a member of the LDS church. As a young boy I learned about Jesus Christ and "The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ." I never actually understood those terms very well, but it was common to say them and I never looked further into it. What I did know was that God is my Father in Heaven and somehow because Christ died, I can return to live with God again. I've always wanted to be a good person and to do good, but that can be hard as a young teenager. There are so many influences in your life and you just want to be liked. My perspective on life started to change when I attended Seminary, a religious class outside of school for LDS high school students. I had an amazing teacher who was so excited to talk about Jesus Christ. I wanted to know what he knew, because he was just so happy and full of life. I started to read the Book of Mormon seriously. Because of my sincere desire to learn from the Book of Mormon, I began to notice that the stories in the scriptures started to actually mean things to me. I felt like I could relate to the people in the Book of Mormon. There was a feeling in my heart that felt good and I wanted to be a better person. I was involved in a serious car accident my senior year in high school. I will just say that it is a miracle that I am still alive today. I had been praying about the Book of Mormon for a while now, but that night I wanted to thank God. I thanked Heavenly Father for not only sparing my life, but for sending Jesus Christ so that I could be forgiven and receive eternal life. I thanked Him for the Book of Mormon and that he called Joseph Smith to be a prophet to restore Christ Gospel. As I prayed I had a feeling that was different from any other feeling I had ever experienced. It was the Holy Ghost testifying to me that everything I had learned was true. The Lord answered my prayers and I knew, independent from anyone else, that Jesus Christ is the Savior and that this was His Church.

How I live my faith

Because of my faith in Jesus Christ I live my life differently from many college students. Every morning I read the scriptures and pray. This is the most important time of my day because it gives me direction in my life. I also feel closer to the Savior as I learn about Him and try to be like Him. I currently attend church in a ward for young adults. I think it is awesome to see 18-30 year old young adults who live their faith because they want to, not because they are being forced. I am the Bishops executive secretary in the ward. I get to work closely with him and I've seen that our bishop sacrifices so much of his time to help members in the ward. I love getting to know new people and especially love to talk to them about my faith. I feel that life is meant to be enjoyed. God has given us so much, and the closer I get to Him, the more I see how wonderful this World is. There are so many places to visit, talents to cultivate, knowledge to be learned, and relationships to be made. I created a motto for myself: "learn from the past, live in the moment, have faith in the future." The Gospel of Jesus Christ helps me do that. I'm trying to help others and reach outward instead of thinking about myself. Christ said in Matthew 5 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." I hope that people can see that I believe in Jesus Christ, from the way that I live my life.

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

Jesus Christ suffered the penalty of our sins, was crucified, and was resurrected. This is called the Atonement, and it is ONLY through the Atonement we can be forgiven of our sins and become clean. For the Atonement to be applied in our life, Christ commands us to be baptized. When we are baptized we promise that we will keep His commandments, take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ (or we become disciples and followers of Christ), and serve Him by helping others. Personally I have seen it in my own life and the life of others, when someone sincerely commits themselves to Christ, then Christ changes their life. The scriptures say you become reborn or a new person. That person is happier, confident, hopeful, and caring. Baptism can only be done by the authority of God. This authority is called the priesthood. His power is shown through the priesthood. We submit our heart and willingness to follow Him by being baptized by someone who has the priesthood (or authority to baptize), and Christ changes, purifies, and cleanses us. Show more Show less