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Hi I'm Dave

I'm an Air Force brat, a technical recruiter, a handyman, a computer geek and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I believe there is a lot of truth to the statement that our early years in life have a profound impact on the rest of our life. The first 14 years of my life were spent as an Air Force brat having the opportunity to live in England, Germany and California. I loved getting to visit new countries, new cities, and definitely meet new people. I learned early how to get along with others and believe this is why I enjoy working with and being around people so much today. Today I spend my days recruiting technical talent for a national telecom company. My real passion is in what I do after the work day is over. It doesn't matter if it is a camera in my hand, focused on a creative video or audio project on the computer or working on a honey-do list, I get a lot of joy out of doing things that bring joy and happiness to others. Video projects I have created include taking old family video tapes and converting them to DVDs, making video slide shows for family events and the best was recording the history of a grandfather. The video was combined with pictures from his photo albums that were then displayed on the screen as he told various stories about his life. It turned out to be an incredible experience completing it and shortly before it was all finished he passed away. It is a loving memory cherished by his family.

Why I am a Mormon

There are many people like myself who have been members since they were born and taught the gospel message at home. I consider myself very blessed to have lived in a home that embraced the messages taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even with that blessing I have gotten on my knees and asked my Heavenly Father to give me the assurance that this is His true church on the earth today. It's hard to describe to someone else what I personally felt when I knew that this was his doctrine and his church on the earth today. There was certainly a feeling of confirmation that came over me , a warm comforting feeling accompanied with a feeling of peace and calmness. As my testimony has been strengthened over the years, I continue to receive this feeling of confirmation. I know He hears my prayers and answers them. There is so much about the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that brings joy and happiness into one's life. We are blessed with the knowledge that we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, that He loves us, knows us individually, and wants us to be successful in this life so that we can return and live with Him. Knowing that He set forth a very specific plan, that when followed, will bring comfort and direction to your life. Above all else, I know that He wanted us to have our free agency, to make the choice to live the gospel as laid out by his prophets or to follow the teachings of the world. No one is forced to "be good" but looking to the example of the Savior and walking in his footsetps will make our journey on earth one of meaning. I know above all else that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. He lived on this earth to teach us about loving ourselves and our neighbors. He gave His life freely to pay the price for our sins. I am forever grateful for His love for me and his willingness to atone for my sins. To honor his sacrifice, I strive to live the best each and every day of my life.

How I live my faith

For the last three and a half years I have been privileged to be the teacher of our adult Sunday School class. Each year, the lessons change to a different set of scriptures. This year our lessons have been on the New Testament. My testimony of the life of the Savior has been strengthened in large part of the studying that I do to prepare for the lessons each week. Even having been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I find there is always something more to learn. Next year our studies will return to the Book of Mormom, one of my favorite topics. In addition to the church callings, I have also participated in community events including the United Way Helping Hands day painting a home in the Denver community (my picture was actually included in the United Way calendar), have spent several days helping out with the building of a Habitat for Humanity home, I have participated in numerous food drives through the years and I am currently working on obtaining my FCC Technician License in order to help out in the event of any community disasters. Giving back to others was what Christ's mission was all about and I truly want to walk in His footsteps and follow His example. Participating in the community is but a small part of what I can do to follow Him.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Yes, Mormons believe the Bible to be Holy Scripture and value the precious teachings that are contained in it. From the teachings in the Old Testament of the creation of the earth, Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and even David slaying Goliath are all important lessons about Heavenly Father's dealings with His children (us) here on the earth. Of great importance to all of us, the life and teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ are captured in the New Testament. There are many precious teachings from His life that we would not have were it not for the Bible. In teaching the New Testament this year, I have been remined once again that the challenges that the people faced at the time of the early church are similar to many of the challenges we face today - contention, relying on the wisdom of the world and the rampant immorality. It is wonderful having a resource like the Bible that contains God's words and instructions to us. I know and testify that the Bible is the word of God. Show more Show less