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Hi I'm Carol

I teach Spanish in a small rural high school. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My favorite things to do while raising my seven children were dinners at the beach, swimming in the ocean, visiting zoos, museums and city parks. We learned so much together! After my youngest child started school, I worked many years as a home school consultant helping families set and achieve academic goals based on the student's personal talents and interests. Last year, when I retired, I learned to enjoy riding horses, growing a garden and taking voice lessons! I even learned unexpected skills when we remodeled our home! Last year I taught computer use in a small, rural middle school. Now I am teaching Spanish in our town's high school. Teaching and learning bring me such joy!

Why I am a Mormon

As my college years were winding up, my life had changed from one of certainty and faith, to one of concern and worry about where my life choices were taking me. I remember praying, "Heavenly Father if you are really there and really love me you simply have to let me know. I cannot feel it right now." The answer to that prayer came very gently into my heart and I knew that God was really my Father in Heaven and that He knew me and still loved me! I started studying the scriptures and other books searching for more spiritual nourishment. By the time the missionaries came down my street, I was ready to hear them. They did not know that for months I had been basically living the Church's doctrine of the Word of Wisdom before I had even heard of it! I had just felt the need to eat better and take better care of myself physically in my quest for spiritual knowledge. The summer before the missionaries came, I had sold books door-to-door and had promised myself that if ANYONE ever came to my door, I would at LEAST hear them out before announcing that I was "not interested". I heard that a lot in my book-selling summer. Well, when the missionaries turned the corner of my street, I called out "Come on in for a drink of water and some cookies!" Since it was over 90 degrees and over 90% humidity, they gladly accepted the invitation and came to my porch. Seeing their teaching materials under their arms, I said, "Why don't you sit and tell me what you have there and we can talk about it!" They were happy to so so. I will never forget the feeling inside of my soul when they said their first words of instruction: "The Lord has sent us to you with this important message." Right there, the spirit bore witness to me so sweetly and so unmistakably that I knew with no doubt that their message was for me and that this was the answer to my prayer. I wish I could say I never wavered but I did. Those were unhappy times. Thankfully, the Lord allows U-turns! I'm back to stay! Life is a joy!

How I live my faith

I learned that you either solve or re-solve the problems of life! The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us how to solve the problems that come up in everyday living as well as how to live eternally with our families in heaven. Being "the new kid on the block" in a community of a very rich pioneer heritage, I was a bit taken back when asked to serve in the ward's women's organization in a leadership position. I love helping people and this assignment certainly gives that opportunity, but I had just moved in and felt a bit inadequate. Receiving ideas through prayer of how to help individuals I hardly had met with their personal needs has increased my understanding of how much God loves his children and how he can use each of us to make the world a better place, if we make ourselves available to Him, and even if the only improvement in the world is a better us! I have heard people say that there is no God because of the bad things that happen in the world. Knowing there is a plan for this world and that things are not just "happening" randomly, brings peace and allows joy. People commit atrocities against each other in this world for many reasons through their own choices and actions. These are not the actions of God. And I know that as more and more people embrace truth, live life as God's plan outlines and desire eternal peace, such atrocities can become a thing of the past. I know that as I increase my commitment to live by truth, and as others do the same, we really can change this world for the better! I love life and am happy when I remember that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father and that he loves me and all of his children...which means everyone who has ever or will ever be born on the face of the earth! Knowing this give me greater regard for all people of all nations, cultures and beliefs. I believe that we each can learn from and teach each other many great and important things pertaining to truth and eternal life if we give each other the opportunity.