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Hi I'm Raoi Bohnet-Tenamo

I am a breast cancer survivor for 12 years, a mother and a wife and I am Mormon.

About Me

My name is Raoi and I had lived at so many places in the South Pacific regions as well as in the United States. Places that I had visited or lived at were Fiji, Western Samoa, New Zealand, Tonga, Niue, the Marshall, Island, Hawaii, Vancouver and Banff Canada. I am a mother of two wonderful children. My son just resigned from the Marine Corps and married. My daughter is a junior in High School. I do genealogy during my spare time and I had gathered close to a thousand names. I learned that my great great great grandmother came from the Cook Island. So this is another project I am currently working on. I graduated with a BA from BYU-H and I am currently working for Advanced Pediatrics Assocites. I love to travel and someday I would like to visit Europe and Jerusalem.

Why I am a Mormon

I was a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint at age16 years old. I was exposed to a lot of negativity about the church and the misconception about Joseph Smith during my teen years and what helped me realized the truth about the church was when I made the decision to attend Liahona High School. Upon arrival at the campus, I noticed something different and unigue about this place. There was peace, the landscape was breath taking. Students and teachers were friendly, kind and modest. There was no foul language nor smoking or drinking. Everyone I met looked so clean and happy and I wanted what they have. I met a girl friend another students and she asked me if I wanted to hear the true story abou a boy who prayed to Heavenly Father and received his answer to his prayer. Everyday after dinner we would find a coconut tree and we would sat underneath and she would tell me the story. I never learned what was the boy's name until the part when Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and called him by his name. My friend then told me his name as Joseph Smith. I felt the joy in my heart and I couldn't hold back the tears. Because of my previous experiences being exposed to the misconception abou Joseph Smith something in my heart whispered what I just heard was the true story about Joseph Smith. I wanted to learn more and more. I read the Book of Mormon. Then I met the missionaries. By the time I met with them I already knew the church was true. The missionaries gave me all the discussions in one day and I already committed to be baptized. I remembered my baptism being special. I remembered being so happy. I felt clean and during that time, I made a promised to myself that I would never leave the church as long as I live no matter what circumtances I would face in my life time. I am so glad I had made that choice to join the church. I know who I am. Why I am here on earth and where I am going after this life.

How I live my faith

Part of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is do service for one another and also for the community. A few years ago when the tsunami hit South East Asia and one of the project I participated in was donating bathroom items. Another event of service that I had involved in was delivering foods to the homeless and the elderly during thanksgiving. During this time I was one of the Girls Youth Leader and we gathered as many girls as we could and we paired up and drove to different homes and deliver foods during thanksgiving morning. One of those girls was my own daughter and I remembered what a good sport she was for not complaining about getting up early. Watching my daughter eyes lite up when she handed the food to the elderly and the homeless made me smile. It so awesome to have that time together to do something for others. My daughter said that was the best thanksgiving she ever had. During my spare time I would find myself at the Aurora Cannery doing humanitarian canning. Most of these foods would be stored and distrubuted where it needed throughout the world. Forgetting myself and doing service for others bring so much joy and fulfillment to my life. Living my faith by doing service for others had helped me and my own children realized the great joy that comes from it. My children learned to be unselfish and I could see it being practiced by them. My daughter would tossed a quater or a dollar bill to any homeless person standing on the street without any judment. This is all about being Mormon.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Raoi Bohnet-Tenamo
Yes I do. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet chosen these days. If God chose Moses to lead the Israelites then, why wouldn't he do the same today or tomorrow? What God did then and now was no difference. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God loves us so much he wouldn't just let us stay in the dark. He wanted us to know his plans, to warn us and guide us and lead us to happiness. By having his mouth speaker through his modern day prophet, I feel the peace and the comfort knowing that what he said is as the same as if God speaks to me. Show more Show less