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Hi I'm Alonzo

I grew up in Washington State. I sell office furniture. I'm a husband. I'm the father of 5 active children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm busy. I work as a sales representative for the largest office furniture dealership in Washington State. I just shut down my small family business that had been moving along for over 20 years. I have an hour long commute to and from work. A lot of time to think. I have 5 wonderful, but active kids who are full of all kinds of surprises. I have an amazing wife who keeps us all together and moving forward. We are busy with 5 different school schedules and extracurricular activities keep it interesting, but through it all I feel that I am the happiest man alive. We laugh a lot, we try to work together to keep a busy household moving smoothly, and we struggle with the normal trials of modern living. I like to sing. I like to sing everywhere in the car, in the shower, sometimes when I have enough courage in front of people. It is a great stress relief in my life. I also like to teach. I enjoy talking to people and learning about who they are and helping them add something of value to their life. I particularly like to teach young people. I jump on any opportunity to work with youth or young adults. It is amazing to enjoy their energy, bask in their optimism, and recognize their great potential. Most people might think our lifestyle is boring, but we have a lot of fun and enjoy who we are even if we are just normal.

Why I am a Mormon

Honestly, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church I have ever known. My parents were members before I was born. My mother converted to Mormonism when she was 18 from Catholicism. Even with that background I don't live on an island. I have been exposed to many other faiths, their beliefs, and their customs. I respect all people and their faiths. I have great respect for anyone who faithfully lives and honors their faith. No matter what faith you are a part of, everyone needs to go through the enlightening process of finding their faith within their hearts. For me, this awakening occurred when I was 14 years old. I wanted to know if all these things that I did were real. I wanted to know that God lived and that he knew me and loved me. I figured the place to start was the Book of Mormon since this was one of the most unique things about my faith. If the Book of Mormon wasn't true then it would be easy to move on to other more fruitful paths. The summer before my Freshman year in high school I read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. All along I prayed to know that it was true. I felt good in my heart and eventually I came to know that this book was true and I knew if it was true then all the pieces fit together. Joseph Smith, our founder was a prophet of God, because he translated this Book with God's help. He restored the Church of Jesus Christ again to the earth by following the directions of our Savior, Jesus Christ and patterned it after His primitive church. The Book of Mormon was the key and it makes sense. Take it out of our faith and we are another Christian faith building its religion on a unique interpretation of the Bible.

How I live my faith

My Mormon faith is a lifestyle. It is an everyday way of being. It affects my thinking, my decisions, and my pathways. It helps me find divine direction through seeking out the influence of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to be like Him. I want to follow Him. I feel like my faith is a living work in progress. I need to get a little better each day and continued improvement is my daily desire. I love to share this faith with others. It helps me build great confidence and conviction in what I believe. I know that I am tethered to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my benefactor and example of who I want to be like. I love to go to church on Sundays and learn about my Savior. I am grateful that there is a place of refuge to go and learn about who I am, why I am here and where I am going. These questions have always been a constant thought in my mind. I am grateful for real answers to these questions. I love living my faith at home and we try to live the same faith at home that we are taught on every Sunday at church. We pray together, we read the scriptures together, and we teach each other by trying to live like Jesus Christ. We work at it everyday and we fall short a lot, but we know that Jesus Christ gave us a way to get up and try again. This is the most comforting piece of all. He loves us and gave me and my family a way to keep trying to get better. We don't have to be perfect. We just need to keep trying to get better.