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Hi I'm Daniel

My high school mascott was a fighting zebra. I love people...and historical statues, and you better believe that I'm a Mormon!!!

About Me

I have one brother and six sisters! I'll play any sport, but I played basketball and tennis in highschool and I love ping-pong! I also enjoy singing and was in my highschool chior, and senior year I got into acting. I got into acting when I auditioned and was cast as Joseph in a youth church play "Savior of the World". I was a lead role and my only previous acting experience was from... elementary school. This play was about the birth of the Savior. We would be performing around christmas time and I felt humbled to have such a large role in a play that if performed right, could influence lives as they felt the love of our Savior. Not having very much acting experience I felt unable to perform to the expectation I felt was needed for such an influencial play. I knew God wanted me to play this part, but I didn't think I had what it took to do this role justice, the role of being Jesus' earthly father. I prayed and fasted and practiced my lines any chance I had. I know that as I humbly turned to the Lord to help me with my weakness that he helped me overcome them and I was able to add to this sacred message of the birth of our Savior. I learned so much and grew so much closer to my leaders, my friends, my family, and my Savior Jesus Christ. I will never forget how overwhelming that responsibility was, but more importantly I will never forget the joy I felt personally growing closer to my Savior Jesus Christ as He made me more than I could be.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by wonderful parents who are members of this church, but this is not the only reason why I'm a Mormon. I am a Mormon because I have personally found out from God that this is Christ's church restored upon the earth. I have believed this church was true my whole life, but when I was about 17 I wanted to KNOW that it was true. I wanted to know that Christ lives and did suffer for my pains and my sins, I wanted to know that Joseph Smith did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, I wanted to know for myself that this church was true because if it was I would devote my life to it, to Christ's church. I prayed, fasted, read the Bible and Book of Mormon, went to church, and did everything i could to show my faith in Christ. It took me a long time until I realized I had my answer. I pleaded so often to know if this was the right thing to do, and if there really was a God, and when I would do this I felt comforted, but still didn't didn't realize that as an answer. I knew that this church was true after my experience being in the play "Savior of the World" like i talked about in my "about me". As I had enough faith to humble myself and tell God I didn't know everything and couldn't do anything, this is when I really saw His work in my life. I saw that God could make me somebody I never thought I could be. That experience drew me closer to my Savior and I realized that He could help me. My whole life I just always wanted to do what was right, I wanted to do the most good I could possibly do, and I realized that if I trusted in the Lord, that with His help I could do so much more good than I could alone. I'm a Mormon because I know that this is Christ's church. As we trust in God and do the things that bring us closer to Him we will come to recognize His spirit in our lives and we will recieve answers to our sincere prayers.

How I live my faith

Well, right now I am serving a mission in the Mississippi Jasckson mission. I will be on my mission for two years teaching and living my faith. I love teaching those who want to learn more about the church because it has given me so much happiness and helped me through hard times. I live my faith by the way I live my life, that is trying my best to live the way Christ lived his life. I know how much He has helped me and I want to help others know that He is there as well. I love to serve in any way I can, that can be from holding open a door or saying a kind word to helping someone move or comforting them through trials. I live my faith by strenthening feeble knees and lifting the hands that hang down, because I know that's what Jesus does.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

So many things help us know that there is a God. Some that come to mind are our families, nature, and even the ablility to think helps me know that there is a God. Besides all the wonderful creations all around us I know there is a God because I have seen His influence in my life. As I have turned to God for help He has made me become more than I could ever be alone. I KNOW He lives. Show more Show less