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Hi I'm danny bills

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a dad of 5 grown children, granddad of 8 wonderful kids....My wife of 35 years Terri, a lifelong member of the church and she and I spent about twenty years involved in many of their activities, I have coached Basketball, Tball and baseball, have been a boy scout leader, ferried kids to dance classes, swim meets, gymnastics , soccer,music lessons, choir, band, and orchestra concerts, Sports activities of all types and well... just about anything you can think of. I have learned so much from my family and experienced so many blessings from these times...truly an education! Meanwhile my wife and I have built a small advertising business that now provides jobs for three of our children, so we are all still very close, and see each other several times a week. Now that our kids are out of the house, it leaves more time to pursue other hobbies and activities. I love golf and try to play at least twice a week, many weeks three or more times, but my most time consuming hobby is tending a small herd of cows. They are a lot lkie the kids in that they like to be spoiled!

Why I am a Mormon

In 1975,while working the night shift at Texas Instruments and getting ready to finish my last 15 hours of my degree program at Texas Tech, I met a girl at work named Terri. She was 6 years younger than me but seemed to be bright and mature for her age. We eventually dated a few times and the subject of Religion came up and she told me about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.(Mormonism). I told her that that was the wildest story I had ever heard. She laughed and remarked that I was pretty judgmental about a book that I had not even opened, much less read. I told her that working 40 hours a week while taking 15 hours of senior level advertising classes left me little time for reading other material, but that in January I would read her (silly) book and would show her its flaws. So after graduation I began to read the Book of Mormon. When asked how it was going I said that I was having a little trouble "getting into" the book. One Missionary told me that if I should pray for the ability to understand it. I had not really endeavored to pray for many years. One night I prayed for the ability to understand before I began my reading. I read for about 7 hours without stopping! I knew it was true. Also, I was scared. I began to see that this was a life changing book. I was not sure I could change. I did not think I was good enough to be a Mormon . But the teachings agreed with what I had learned about Jesus as a child in the Methodist Church Meanwhile, I moved, started a new career and put my investigation on hold. But I had not forgotten. After a few months, I went into Austin and sought out the Missionaries to begin lessons in the Gospel. They convinced me that I could overcome the bad habits that prevented me from Baptism. I finally committed to be Baptized on June 4, 1976. I mentioned that in a letter to Terri and she said that she wanted to attend. We began dating long distance and we were married July 28, 1976.

How I live my faith

Membership in the Church has been amazing. There is no paid ministry in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so each member has a job or "Calling". in the last 35 years I have held probably 20 callings. I was first called to teach the mens group a weekly lesson. This was perfect for a new member, because the teacher is the one who learns the most. Then I served as counselor to the Branch President, the presiding authority in a small congregation. I have been scout leader, President of the mens group. employment specialist, sports director, public affairs director, music chairman,and the calling I have now,mission leader, is a terrific calling because I get to work with the young men who leave home and serve as full time missionaries for two years at their own expense. They are terrific young men and a real inspiration to me. My testimony has grown and I really feel that being in the service of others is the way God and His Son Jesus Christ wants us to live. My favorite way to serve is as a "Home Teacher" Each Priesthood holder is assigned a few families that he visits each month, He is responsible to help them in Spiritual matters,family matters, to encourage and uplift them and to bring the Holy Spirit into their home. I have learned so much through these various callings. Each job helps us to expand our knowledge and our experience. I feel like I am the one who has benefited the most from my service. Terri and I have also carried this willingness to serve others into our community as well. We have served in our local youth sports organizations, in business and professional associations, and service groups. I currently serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Association of Directory Publishers. We have both been amazingly blessed in our family and in our business through this service.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

danny bills
I think that most people who believe that the Church is a cult have simply formed an opinion without any real investigation. I felt the the Church was unusual myself until I read the Book Of Mormon. Then I realized that it is another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon contain all the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less