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Hi I'm Brad

I have a set up grandparent's that are Presbyterian, a set that are Jewish and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Being a husband, a dad, getting a master's degree, playing community sports, serving in the Church, working full-time and cooking are all the things make life great. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, which seems a little smaller than the city of Seattle where I spent the first ten years of my life. But when you're a kid you only notice the things around you, which were trees, trees and trees. I love the beauty of nature. I have found some of my most memorable experiences being in nature. I love the smell of grass, which is good because I've probably spent 4 years of my life on a baseball field. I played baseball for 20 years before finally giving it up for family time. There is nothing I love more than being with my family. A close second is serving Jesus Christ by serving His children. I love to help others whenever I am able. I want everyone to feel the great peace I feel. Life can be rough at times if you don't understand that it has a purpose. I want everyone to know that what they go through, no matter how difficult, can help you become closer to God.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 13 years old I didn't like my life. One day I had enough and was going to leave home and join the gang at my school. I knew this meant I would leave my family behind forever which scared me since I loved them. I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked Him if I should join the gang? He showed me how miserable and short my life would be if I did. I told Him that I didn't think I could continue with things as they were. I then asked Him, "What if I choose you and you become my Father?" At that moment the greatest amount of love I had ever felt swarmed through my body. Every part of my body was filled with the love of God as if a giant hug from Heavenly Father had enveloped my whole body. Greater peace and joy than I ever thought possible coursed through me. The contrast between the misery I felt after asking if I should join the gang and the joy I felt after asking what would happen if I chose Heavenly Father was extreme. I yearned for that joy more than I yearned for anything else, even playing baseball, which for me was saying something. I then told Heavenly Father, "Then I choose you to be my Father and I'll do anything you tell me to do."

How I live my faith

Day by day is the best way to describe living my Faith or religion. Faith increases and decreases in me as a direct result of the dedication I put into living the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In my ward I have an opportunity to help a group of men coordinate service projects, visits among the elderly and the widows/widowers. There is rarely a week that goes by where there is not someone in need of assistance. I have faith that most people want to help others but are only kept from doing so because they don't know there are needs. When I tell people of a need one of their neighbors has they are ready to leave work early if necessary in order to help. Often people work into the dark hours of the night, running errands, fixing fences, digging out trees, getting groceries. Mostly in my day to day work environment I do all that I can to make other people comfortable and their jobs easier. The Holy Ghost brings feelings of peace and love, among others. Christ makes me want to do better at everything I do. If I have the spirit of Christ within me then my co-workers will want to do the best they can do, they will feel at peace and feel loved. I want others to see the happiness that I have and want the same thing.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

When Christ came to earth He taught the people a higher law. He said that of old an eye for an eye, but he taught them to love their enemies and pray for them. Similarly in our day the Lord has taught us additional principles that He would have us live by, principles of health, morality and charity. Those who desire to live in accordance with these principles are able to receive additional ordinances beyond baptism. They are eligible to stay married into the next life and not part at death. Their children are able to live with them in eternity. They are able to live in the very presence of the Father of us all. These ordinances are performed in our temples. There are many people who have lived on this earth that have not had a temple and therefore have not had the opportunity to receive these ordinances. Because God loves those of His children just as much as us, He has provided a way for us to perform these ordinances on their behalf. This vicarious work can be accepted or rejected by them, as God will never force any action upon us. This vicarious work and the acceptance or rejection of it is similar to the vicarious atonement that Jesus performed on our behalf. He performed the atonement for people who had lived, were then living and were yet to live on the earth. He then offers us the choice to accept it or reject it. The temple is the most peaceful place on earth and go there often when I have worries and am stressed because I know that I will find relief. Show more Show less