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Hi I'm Pam

I live in sunny Colorado. I run a one day a week leadership school for home schooled children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

If I tried to sum up my life in one word it would be busy. Sometimes I wish I could pull a handbrake signal on the train of life and take a break, but yet, I wouldn't actually do it. Besides being busy, my life is also so incredibly fulfilling. I'm a woman who has been blessed to have her best friend as her husband. I'm the mother of 4 wonderful children, who are a delight to me. For a couple of years I home schooled two of my children, and still home school one of them. It's been a very rewarding experience. I'm also a friend. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the company of my friends who give me support and make me laugh. I'm also a teacher at and the chairman of a one day a week leadership school that mainly serves home schooled children. I love Germany and have lived there twice. My dream is to live there a couple more times. Whenever I have time, I love to draw, paint, or write. I'm working to become a published children's author and illustrator. I have a new found love for gardening. One of my recent goals is to beautify our yard with edible landscaping. I want to grow as much of our own food as we can in our postage-stamp yard. I also like knitting and quilting and creating things that will keep my family warm during the snowy and cold Colorado winters. It's a busy life, but I love it. One of the most rewarding things in my life, though, is my religion. No matter how busy I get, I make time for it. It is one of my very greatest joys in life.

Why I am a Mormon

For me, being part of the Mormon church started when I was 4 years old. Missionaries knocked on my family's door and shared their message with us. My parents joined the church and felt they had found a new home. We were welcomed and loved by the members of the congregation. The teachings of the Mormon religion, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, touched my parents' hearts. They were Catholic and felt they had found the answers they had always been seeking. One of the things I cherish about my religion is the knowledge that we are truly children of God and can become like him. I believe we were sent here to earth to accomplish great things, because each person born on earth has this divine potential. In the world we live in today it can be hard to believe in oneself. Because of my religious faith, however, I know that we can succeed and do good. Another thing I love about my religion is how we serve and lift up one other. I feel that we are patterning ourselves after the Savior when we help one another. When people are sick or have emergencies we bring in meals, do housework and yard work, babysit young children, and most of all, give support. I have found that serving someone else brings me great joy. Helping someone just because you want to, is a gift you give not only to the other person, but also to yourself. Believing in and practicing my religion brings me great happiness. I find that the more consistently I try to live my religion, the happier my life and the life of my family is. Sometimes I see families who are unhappy and wish I could share my secret with them--live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Really live it, repent when you need to, really try to love others--accept and forgive them, and turn to God in prayer when you need help. It's a pretty simple formula, but it brings a person happiness. I'm so thankful to have this simple, but not really secret, formula in my life. Anyone can know about it. Anyone can do it.

How I live my faith

Frequently at church I have worked with our youth groups. The youth have classes with a gospel lesson at church on Sundays and meet during the week for an activity. We also have church dances and conferences for the youth 14 and up. I have found there is a special joy found in strengthening the religious beliefs of the youth. At a time in their lives when they struggle with knowing who they are, I love to remind them that they are children of God, that he loves them, and will help them throughout their lives. We want to help our youth make right choices. That's why we work so hard to strengthen them. Although I have spent a lot of time working with the youth, I currently serve in a different way. This may sound odd, but I actually serve our congregation by being the bulletin board specialist. I put up photo collages of the activities the different organizations at church have been doing. Whether it's the children's organization, the youth organization, or an adult one, I get pictures from their activities and hang them up. I think this serves our congregation in an important way. My goal is to create a bulletin board that shows the friendship and compassion that exist in our congregation. The bulletin board is also a place to find information about the things we are doing. I want everyone to see that we enjoy ourselves and to know that they can be part of the togetherness we have at our church. I also have an assignment with another woman to visit three other women each month. We go to their homes and have a great chat. These visits allows us to give extra support to one another. The women we visit range from being young mothers to grandmas. I cherish the opportunity to learn from these women who have unique interests and perspectives from mine. We always share a brief gospel message before we leave. It's a great way to build each other up. Life is hard sometimes and it helps to know other people care. Really, I just altogether love being a Mormon.