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Hi I'm Marshall

I'm a proud Texan who loves music, gaming & my large multi-national family. I work in a pharmaceutical lab & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I think one thing people notice about me is that I am genuinely happy; not delirious, or imbalanced, just happy. My happiness stems from my love for new experiences, my great family & the satisfaction of personal progress. I grew up in Texas & I love my state; but my love for new experiences has led me to travel all over the world. Experiencing the beauty the Earth has to offer has brought a treasure of lasting memories. As an only child my travels were rough on my parents. Their worry has come from losing two daughters, my sisters, to cancer in their infancy. That has made my parents a bit more protective, and me perhaps a bit more contemplative as to the meaning of life. Losing my mother when I was 26 led me to think more on mortality, eternity & the justice/mercy of the Creator. I met my lovely wife the year my mother died & she helped me through the grief. Our first child was recently born and we are enjoying life like never before. Despite the sadness I've experienced, my wife would tell you I'm the biggest goof she knows. I love computer games, sports (though I'm not athletic), card games, the outdoors, board games & music. I am passionate about the artistry in songwriting & enjoy writing/recording my own songs. I am naturally competitive & love a good challenge. The desire for a challenge has made me a life-long student. I love to read & learn. I have a B.S. in Biology & hope to add a M.D. to that in the not too distant future.

Why I am a Mormon

At 18 I decided I needed a change because I felt like something was missing in my life. I felt like I was becoming something less than what my potential allowed. I noticed a widening gap between me & the things that bring joy in this life. I felt disconnected & hollow. I decided to 'get back to basics' & began doing the things that the 'good & happy' people I knew did. I started reading scriptures again, cleaning up my act, & getting closer to family. I had friends & some family who were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (mormons) who helped facilitate these changes. As I learned more about their faith, my understanding deepened. The more I incorporated the teachings of their faith the happier I became. The many questions I had often pondered regarding the meaning of life & life after death were answered in a way that stirred something inside me. After joining the church I found that scriptural passages that were once vague & beyond my understanding were unfolded. When I prayed for guidance, answers came with greater force & clarity. 'Small miracles' happened on a regular basis that confirmed the decision I had made to join the church. It is not to say that these things never happened in my life previously. I was raised in another faith, and have good parents that taught true principles. I have searched through the tenets of the many religions of the world and as I mentioned I was educated as a biologist. But never before had I experienced such an abundance of faith promoting events. 11 years later I have no doubt that my faith is placed where it should be. I have seen blessings from God poured out on my table so that we don't have room to receive them all. Our family has difficulties like any other, but our faith in Jesus Christ and a loving Father in Heaven provides the perspective needed to abound in good works and remain happy. My questions regarding the eternities are still being answered and I feel I am fulfilling my potential.

How I live my faith

As a husband & father I feel the responsibility to be upright, morally clean, kind & honest so that I might be the strength my wife needs to support her & a foundation my child can rely on. The church helps me become someone with these qualities as we provide meaningful service to the community & to other members in times of need. In 2002 I served as a missionary in Recife, Brazil for two years. While there I was fortunate enough to see many families united in faith and living in harmony through the principles we taught. Serving the people of Brazil taught me that one of the most miraculous things we can witness is to see a man give his will over to God's. Since that time I have been able to serve in relief efforts after hurricanes 'Katrina' 'Rita' and 'Ike' on the Gulf Coast in the US. It was a very large job to help families return to their homes & rebuild, but the church members pulled together & served happily. Most recently, my wife & I joined church members as we completed many rebuilding, cleaning & remodeling efforts that followed the great floods in Queensland, Australia. The service we give within the church can be time consuming but we are grateful to have meaningful ways to spend our time & share our talents with others. Usually our service is less dramatic & more practical like visiting families within our area that have recently joined the church, inviting someone over for dinner, or even teaching those interested in the church with the missionaries. We willingly give a portion of our income to help those in greater need than ourselves. I remember that the mission I served in Brazil was partially funded by members from the area I left from. On Sundays we teach the 8 year old primary children. Its very rewarding to see their faces light up with comprehension as we teach the gospel principles taught by Christ & the many prophets & apostles that have come after him. In essence, we are trying to be like Jesus while acknowledging we are human.