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Hi I'm Ryan Ellsworth

I am a native transplant of Mesa. Grew up here, saw the US, now I'm back for good. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Recently I have really gotten into home improvement and physical fitness. I find it fascinating that I can learn how to tile a garden tub or put in a sprinkler system or garden or do my own electrical work. I've been working on my house for three years now and I love showing off the progress of what I have learned through patience and practice. I am also getting back into my childhood joys, playing racquetball, exercising (cycling and hiking), swimming and seeing how fit I can get at age 37. It's an uphill climb but I find that climbing with others makes it an easier trip. I find that continually learning and trying things you haven't done before is the best way to find new joys in life.

Why I am a Mormon

I could say I was born a Mormon but that would be inaccurate. While my family are predominately Mormons going back six generations I have had to learn on my own what I truly believed and why. One of the greatest blessings, in my opinion, of being LDS is that we believe in allowing all men the freedom to search for the truth on their own and we respect the choices they make no matter if we agree with them. As long as they are happy with their choices and do what they feel is right we are happy for them. I had always been told to read, ponder and pray about any questions I had and to rely on the answers I felt in my heart. This childhood lesson has never failed me throughout my life. My real "moment of truth" you could say came when I received my mission call. I had always dreamed of going to Brazil like my father had and when I heard that I was indeed going to Brazil, I was rather giddy about going but I decided that I would not accept the calling unless I knew for sure that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. Yes, the gospel made sense according to the bias I had been taught as a child and all my questions had been answered clearly and felt right when I prayed about them but to know for a surety was the only way I would commit myself for two years to say "I know this is true". So I knelt down and prayed about it. No sooner did the question come out then I felt the familiar warmth inside but far stronger than I had ever felt before. It was quick and simple. But it was all I needed. I accepted. From that moment on, through my entire mission, every time I said those words, "I know the church is true, I know Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet of God", I was blessed to feel again that same warm feeling confirming what I was saying was real.

How I live my faith

Although I am currently the "Co-chair for the activities committee" in my singles group which keeps me busy planning events and service projects, for me living my faith is more about being true to who I am and what I believe. Aside from the typical go to church and the temple, read the scriptures, pray and serve others, I find that being a Christian is all about having the love of the Savior in my heart and being myself no matter what circumstance I am in. I have many wonderful friends, most of whom are not LDS, who I love and respect for the great people they are. And while we may not always see eye to eye it never ceases to amaze me when I see them doing something that Christ would do in their place. These friends respect who I am and even go out of their way to keep me out of difficult situations because they know my standards. They also know that I would do the same for them without hesitation. Although I am not even close to being perfect it helps to have good people who will give you a good nudge when I start to do something wrong or will remind me by their example what I should be doing. At times my friends have told me they were just doing what they thought I'd expect them to do which was both humbling and made me very grateful. To be a Mormon (or a Christian for that matter) is not to be perfect. It is to accept the challenge to help each other to get there and to allow others to help you when needed.