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Hi I'm Cheryl

I'm a piano teacher and a Jazzercise instructor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a mother of 4, and grandmother to 4. Even though my kids are all grown up, my life is super busy. I've been teaching piano lessons since I was 15 years old, and I love it more now than ever! I am down to only 21 students, which is half of what I had 10 years ago...and I've had the privilege of taking kids from brand new students to being amazing musicians, which is extremely fulfilling. Luckily, that makes up for the not so fulfilling moments listening to kids that don't practice! I continue to challenge myself musically by practicing and performing, and I accompany the Colorado Mormon Chorale, an 88-voice choir of auditioned singers. I have also been teaching Jazzercise classes for 22 years, and still teach every weekday morning...and just like teaching piano, I love it even more now than when I started out! It has become so second-nature for me that I'm able to focus on inspiring my students to work their hardest, and have fun doing it. One thing I love is seeing transformations...I love TV shows where they makeover someone's appearance, or their house, or their yard. In both of my jobs, I get to see transformations, and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I have received a witness on a regular basis that it is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The first time it happened, I was 17 years old. My seminary teacher challenged us to read the part of the Book of Mormon that recounts the ministry of Jesus Christ to the American continent. Jesus gave a similar sermon to the Sermon on the Mount in 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Our teacher asked us to read it and pray about it. I did what he asked, and I felt such a rush of joy, peace, and gratitude for my Savior, that tears were pouring out of my eyes. It still happens over and over again as I read the Book of Mormon...tears come to my eyes, and I get the overwhelming feeling that the Holy Ghost is bearing testimony to me that what I am reading is true. So yes, I believe that it's a great life-style that makes sense. When I have diligently kept the commandments, I feel that I have been blessed. I have made a lot of close friends with the same values as me through the Church. I like the strong sense of family, and the commitment that married couples feel as members of the Mormon church. But the real reason that I'm a member is that the Holy Ghost has borne record to me over and over again that each of the principles of the Gospel are true.

How I live my faith

As I mentioned before, I accompany the Colorado Mormon Chorale. I had previously been the accompanist at a local university, but gave that up when I became the Principal accompanist for the Chorale and realized that there would be some performing conflicts. Even though my university job was paid, and the Chorale is all done on a volunteer basis, I felt that this was an important thing for me to do. I have always felt that one reason I have been blessed with my musical talents and that I have been able to develop them to the point that I have is because I have always been willing to use my talents to serve in the Church. I started doing this at the age of 12, when I was called to accompany the children's organization, and at age 14 was called to be the choir accompanist. I have rarely been without a music position in the church, and frequently have 3 or 4 music callings at the same time! Besides that, most of my callings in the Church have been teaching...and believe it or not, one of my favorites was teaching teenagers in their Sunday School classes! My participation in the community has also generally been music-related. I accompanied the choirs at my childrens' high school for years. Currently, I am a member of my local music teachers association, and have held positions at the local and state level ever since joining 7 years ago!

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

For me, daily scripture study helps to keep me on track with my life and focus on what is really important. The amazing thing about when I read the scriptures is that even though I've read those same books over and over, I still find things in there and think, "Was that always there???" Depending on what is happening in your life, what answers you might be searching for, and how diligent you've been in keeping the commandments, you could find little hidden "treasures" of knowledge, even though you're reading the same thing you've read a bunch of times before. And I've frequently had the experience of feeling like the Lord is speaking to me personally, and addressing a challenge that I'm currently having...right in the words of the scriptures. It can be an awesome experience. Show more Show less