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Hi I'm Jonathan Young

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, USA. I've lived in 4 states and 3 countries and, of course, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There I was on the 18th floor peering out into a beautiful Beijing Sunset. The view stopped me in my tracks and without thinking I had forgotten the long hard day I had just had hunched over a computer while working as an IT intern in Haiden, a Beijing subdivision also known as the silicon valley of China. The sunset happened to be above the Microsoft Research Facility, and was flanked by Hyundai Dealership. The reflections and refraction of that red and orange on the diminished smoggy clouds of that cold February dusk caught my interest and my fascination as I watched the hand of God in a moment make Beijing beautiful. Due to the overwhelming population in Beijing and in China, the pollution was thick and gray and more often than not dismal. It was in this moment that I longed to do only one thing. Share it. Not a week later I was overtaken with the best display of fireworks that this world has to offer during Chinese New Year 2008. Having opened up the curtains of my studio apartment and turning around my makeshift couch I sat strumming my guitar watching as the phosphorous red and magnesium white burned their magic in to unquestionably perfect circles in celebration of the oncoming year of Olympics. Now some may tell us that this is not acts of God but mere coincidence. God’s hand is seriously far more brilliant for far longer and fills you up without any negative side effects, almost like it was hand crafted for you.

Why I am a Mormon

I sat one day in the office of my professor of Psychology. I choose to follow him back to his office because I could tell in his very demeanor and in his words that he was or had been raised Mormon. It wasn’t in his clothing or in his work; he brought his cup of coffee to class each day. It was the way he spoke. When I spoke to him I felt I was talking to a member of The Church. Come to find out he really had been raised a member of The Church. During the course of the semester he opened up how when he was a teenager he had the thought, “What if it was wrong?” He should have followed it up with, “What if it is right?” Being freshly off my China, Hong Kong mission, I felt that he had made a poor choice. So, in my naivety I decided to talk to him about the situation after class one day, trying to “prove” the truthfulness of the gospel to him. I was a lowly returned missionary, I had no advanced degrees and my limited understanding of the world was to the point that I could see what my options were but still choose The Church. There we sat in his office discussing religion and why I felt that such things as a child dying “proved” that God lived. He would in his much more practiced intellect disprove my very thesis and prove to me how such things could only be just coincidences. After about half-an-hour of this I felt the spirit almost whisper in my ear, “Why don’t you just testify?” I thought to myself, that was what I was doing by “proving”, wasn’t it? Yet, it wasn’t working. Finally I said, “Through the experiences I have had in my life I know that God lives and that He loves me.” My Professor sat back and said, “And I cannot argue with that.” Now I wish I could tell you that it was the turning point of his return to The Church, but he moved to another University in Florida to teach. I have heard nothing since. I’m a Mormon because of my experiences, as challenging and as difficult as they may be.

How I live my faith

Well, I wish I could say I teach, or that I am involved with the Boy Scouts program or that I am involved with Leadership, but I am not. I am just an average lay member with the responsibility to check up on the 5 different families on a Monthly to by-monthly basis. Visiting these families falls to me and to a fellow member of the Congregation. He is a studying to be a Doctor of research. Just the other day we were attempting to find one of the people on our list and seemed to be failing miserably. It was a group of town homes on the edge of a golf course. As we searched the address seemed to be the golf course itself. We got out of our vehicle and waited patiently till they played through. We then crossed the course and reached the opposite side only to find that the address was nowhere to be found. And low and behold neither of us had smart phones that had a GPS function or “an app for that”. We headed back…but much to our dismay someone else was teeing up. As we sat watching on the fairway, a girl in a golf cart pulled up and warned us that we might get hit and that she had on several occasions while in her cart. My thought was that those golfers had incredible aim. Not a moment later the third lady teeing up hit the ball and it came high and straight towards us. Seeing this I almost imperceptibly stepped back trying to place the nearby trees between me and the oncoming golf ball. It then hit twenty feet away from us and rolled back onto the fairway. I guess that is what we get for not knowing where we were going. It is going to take a little more sleuthing in order to find these people, and see how they have been. It is kind of nice to know that there are people who are willing to keep an eye out for me. This is the Lords way of making sure that each one of his sheep are being tended, so if they come knocking, let them in. You may be the person I’m looking for.

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Jonathan Young
I always find it interesting that the Lord has a tendency of linking all times and places. For example 12 apostles: In the years of Christ's ministry I am sure there was not a legal system that was equal to that of the current judicial system set up underneath that of the United States Government. With this judicial system is the court judgment by a group of peers, 12 to be exact. At any one time in the court proceedings any one of those 12 may be seen as unfit, or recused; thus denying them the capability to serve as witnesses or as clear minded judges of these truths that are being testified of. This being the case, I find it incredible that we have 12 unquestionable witnesses to the truthfulness of the gospel. How could that system be built over 2000 years previous to the judicial system that fits its creation so perfectly? Perhaps the Lord knows what he was doing as he was applying this system. I know that is exactly what he was doing. Building a Church that was true in the past and fit perfectly into the present. Show more Show less