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Hi I'm Scott R

I grew up in a loving home w/ a choice of religion. My mom was a Mormon and my Dad was not. I researched and prayed. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a dad with 3 kids who enjoys spending as much time with them as possible with my wonderful wife. We enjoy hiking, camping, concerts and sports in general. I have been blessed with children who enjoy reading and have exceeded very well in school. With two of them in High School now, the choices they have made in the past to gain an education have made them want to succeed in school and also be well rounded in sports and the arts. While my life's story at this point seems like a wonderful dream it was not always this way. I have been divorced twice and am on my third marriage. I have had to learn how to forgive others for their actions and how to forgive myself for my own actions. The journey to where I am today has been a long one but one that is well worth it. None of this would have been possible without the loving grace of my Savior Jesus Christ and his Atoning sacrifice for me.

Why I am a Mormon

While growing up I was given the opportunity to attend the Mormon church or not too. My mom was a member and my dad was not. I must say that most of my choice to go to church at a younger age was simply to be with my friends and really feel a part of a social scene that promoted values I believed in. While attending I began to have questions on my own of why Christ did what he did (such as be baptized) and what His life meant to me. I attended other religions with my friends and never felt satisfied that there was a consistent message yet I was attending the same faith just different buildings. The same religion in one place stated baptism was necessary but sprinkling was ok while the same religion in another location stated baptism was not necessary. I was confused for I felt God's teachings in His church would be the same no matter where you were. I found this consistency in the mormon church while attending various church locations of the faith. When I went to college I had deeper conversations with other friends which only strengthened my belief and testimony in Jesus Christ. I came to understand His love for all His brothers and sisters here on earth and that there is a loving Father in Heaven who wants us to return to Him again. Only through the grace of Jesus Christ and His atonement is this possible. Our actions show we truly live what we state we believe. While I am certainly not perfect I know I can repent and draw closer to God through these trials in life. I served a 2 year mission, later married and divorced. Married again and divorced again. At that point I gave up. Both on you, on me and on everything in general. I spent years just having 'fun' but finding no joy. Through the help of friends, my kids and my now wife (who is a convert to the church) I learned to fully understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how He knows me personally, loves me and both lived and died for me.

How I live my faith

My life is now filled with joy. I have a strong testimony of my Savior. With that came a testimony that His message was shared with all those here on the earth long before I was here and there is a record of that in the Book of Mormon which is another testimony of Jesus Christ along with the Bible. What a blessing it is that a loving Heavenly Father has given me these wonderful tools to cross reference one with another. I use these scriptures to read, learn, grow and gain a greater knowledge of my worth and how much love my Father in Heaven has for all of us. I share my feelings with all those who ask. This wonderful gift is one to be shared with others just as we would a worldly gift that we have been given. There is nothing better than sharing this spiritual gift with my children and using it to draw closer to my wife. I know why I had marriage issues before and a big part of it was my lack of understanding of how Christ's Atonement applied to me. It is not just there for sin (though an important aspect) but His Atonement is for my daily struggles, pains, assistance for daily activity, heartache, clarification in decision and much more. While I spoke of the Atonement before I now live the full teachings of His Atonement. I also have a wonderful relationship with my Savior now for he accepts my imperfections while he also recognizes my efforts to do all I can to live his teachings and share them as well. I know He expects this of me but more importantly I love Him so much I want too. I have been blessed to work with other families in the community to build strong friendships and assist one another (both mormons and non mormons). Through the church there is a support group that has been there when I need it and allows me to be aware of opportunities to help others in need. I have used my skills to teach classes, do clerical work and work with wonderful youth. Most important is my love for my wife and kids is strengthened through Christ daily.