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Hi I'm Kater

I'm a new Mormon, a Boston intellectual and a truckdriver ! 63, 5'6", artistic, outdoorsy, animal lover. some college, divorced.

About Me

To use '70's words, I was eccentric with alot of artistic talent; an earthy, unconventional, individual, hanging around with "deep" people, always interpreting things in a nonliteral way, always asking 'what, why, how', like the philosopher, 'look, see, find out' like the scientist or 'just do it', the adventurer, which i did, riding wild horses in the '80's and motorcycles in the '90's. I was never a good student though, not college material and not 'mother' material either. What was i going to DO ... Artistic talent wont pay the bills. So, back in my 40's, divorced, I hit the road literally, driving a cross country truck! I was ushered in to 'bluecollar land', the land of the midnite sun, nite work, SHIFT work, weekend work. no 'hike and bike' with friends or evenings out. There went my singles social life or any, all social life for that matter. I followed my spiritual nature tho; thru the years reading about/investigated every type of occidental religion, new age to centuries old, religious groups, societies, looking for my church home. I always liked the more basic, down to earth, farming religions like the amish, quakers, mennonites and attended quaker meeting for a summer. but there were hardly any of them and the meeting house was ten miles away. that got old.

Why I am a Mormon

Five years latter (pun?) i made the move from being an apartment dweller to being a home owner. I bought a little townhouse in a south suburb of Denver with a little garage and a postage stamp back yard. Dirt to sink my fingers into was a top priority. Ten years after that i was 'yardening' in my postagestamp backyard, digging planting holes, taming the grape, when i noticed two jehovahs wittnesses, i guessed, knocking on the neighbors door. there was no one home so they looked over toward me and identified themselves as Mormons. I had been looking at the different translations of the bible, orthodox thru living, so i asked them, "What version of the bible do you use?" "King James" they said. oh, I thought, how boring. but we started talking and i went to church for a couple of sundays and got to know people. I ran into one of the gals in the groc store one day, fine, but something felt very peculiar about it. Then i realized that it had been decades, DECADES since i had run into a friend in a groc store. that was shocking. Here there were literally hundreds of Mormon families within a two mile radius of me. A few days later i was asked if i could see myself getting baptized in the church the first of the next month? i paused, then said, 'yeh'. (just DO it !) i would have church AND i would have community, that thing boomers are so starved for. That was five years ago and my mindset about it hasnt changed a bit.

How I live my faith

At the moment my job schedule prevents me from attending church on Sundays but i pray every morning and every afternoon. i would like to be praying three times a day.